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  1. Indeed. I'm sure if I had given to one's campaign I might've voted for him/her, too.
  2. Funny thing about those 'elections' I have not spoken with one single person since the elections were over that actually voted Austin. I'm still perplexed on how he won.
  3. Why would he call for a town meeting? He didn't know he NEEDED to call for one. If you don't know something is going on, what the heck are you going to call a meeting FOR?
  4. Nor is it wise to allow the rats to rule the county.
  5. We could ask the church about the helicopter that buzzed the community meeting I suppose...
  6. Spoken like a true developer.....gosh..wonder who you might be buddies with.
  7. Hm, really? No houses in the crash zone..ohhhhhhhhhhh that's right..we're just a 'casualty'.
  8. First off, It is KERSTIN...secondly, by your comments it seems to suggest that we 'set' up the child to faint? I hope I am just reading incorrectly. That poor child did faint and he did go to the hospital. From there, the rest is none of your daggone business. He was escorted quietly and quickly out with no real kerfluffles to the meeting of any kind. Media circus? I think they are doing a stellar job of covering Paulding Co. I'm sorry you found my 'performance' at teh BOC disappointing? Was it hard for you to listen to me call out the BOC? I mean, I know you're buddies and all....
  9. Larry is this you again buddy? If it is, I did see you go in to Brett Smith's office with him and his doggy..maybe you like canines...and that's all it is. If it's not, then clearly you were at a different meeting than I was.
  10. academy has them and also that shoe place near Petsmart.
  11. Pubby, We know how to teach our children and first hand is the best experience. Now tell me how would the infant you refer to be carrying a circus act sign as your buddy concerned citizen is referring to. I would rather the person with the infant bring them and have a SAY in their county than be forced to hide away because their baby fusses a little. The scouts that you refer to CAN'T show up again to the meeting since they are sitting in a classroom all day long and they choose to host these meetings at 9am, 10am and 2pm. That leaves homeschool parents. I, for one, am THRILLED to note the int
  12. It *can* work without the commercial part of it. Out of the mouths of those that be.
  13. Park yourself under an airbus and then get back to me. The REASON kids SHOULD be involved is so that THEY have a speak in a matter that will affect THEM and THEIR CHILDREN.
  14. There is NO evidence that this airport will provide jobs, provide revenue, or even be successful. The people saying there will be is the 'myth' being fed to PC. Kids being a bit disruptive has NOTHING to do with this fight. You were insulting and you insinuated something you know nothing about. If you have not been to these meetings where children have attended then you have no right to speak about them at all. Period.
  15. Not only do you have no idea how children have behaved at these meetings, it appears that you are now insulting my children as a circus act? My kids have never made a single peep. You would not even know they are there. On that note, they made up their own decisions. My children do not want giant commercial airplanes disrupting both their school day and their outdoor playtime. You can ask them. Insulting people's children isn't going to make you a favorite with any parent for sure. Perhaps it is YOU dealing with the wrong poster.
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