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  1. Been there. It still hurts and I guess it always will. You can believe that God's plan for him in their lives was completed and that being said they will be better parents for having gone through this. I never thought about babies being gifts from God until we went through this. We went on to take care of foster kids plus raised our children that came after and before with a great deal more of love and caring. I thought I loved children until this happened and the depth of my love changed. Some are angels that only stay for a little while and you are a much better person for having known t
  2. Police cars were in and out of White Oak Park this AM and a car was towed out from the far parking lot at the park at 3:00 am. Police were driving around with their spotlights on in the park. Does anyone know what happened over there? We thought maybe the car was stolen or they were chased in there and left on foot. Does anyone know what was up?
  3. I agree Jamie. I wouldn't have ANY trouble shooting whatever kind of dog came in my yard and mauled anything. I am currently angry at a fighting rooster that wants to kill my little silkie rooster. My little rooster is about 2.5 pounds of fluff. He is gentle and loves being petted but if this bad boy comes over that fence one more time and even attempts to get him he's a dead bird. Joe says he don't want to kill him and I told him you don't have to do it, I will.
  4. How did she support herself and raise those children. I heard one time that she remarried but I'm not sure of that. I've only heard of her working in civil rights so somebody somewhere must have paid her or supported her.
  5. I guess I missed something. Who defended him?
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