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  1. Whitey is pretty well known throughout the county, and a lot of people respect his opinion.
  2. There are a lot of folks in this county who have known Robbie Dobson for years who will disagree with your assessment of his abilities
  3. Saw this on face book and he sure sounds like he knows how to solve the problem Stop Paulding County Airport Expansion 2 hrs · We've received our second "Where Do You Stand On Commercialization?" request! Thank you, Robbie Dobson! "As a resident of Paulding County, I was opposed when I heard that the Paulding County Airport Authority had signed an agreement to provide commercial passenger service to our General Aviation airport. I remain opposed today to commercial passenger service and will do everything within the powers of the office of the Commission Chairman to assure the re
  4. I would also like to see a list of the business that support the airport. A coordinated boycott will be very effective.
  5. All of us that are opposed to the airport should copy and paste this letter and send it to their elected officials. Is it okay to do this?
  6. Is this the flyer that you recived?
  7. This web site is going viral. Just got this in an e-mail. http://nomorepaulette.com/
  8. I thought the laws of the State of Georgia prohibited a person from running for elected office if they were not paid up on all of their taxes
  9. I do not want to see the airport fail, But I do think it is about time to show a return on investment. It is also time to stop throwing millions of more dollars at this money pit.
  10. PSST You never answered whitey's question?
  11. JK Rodgers also has my vote,He is the most honest in the race, And has talked about the issues instead of bashing each other.
  12. Why would anyone consider voting for the incumbent with a record like this? Can someone please tell ne what the incumbent has done for district 19, How has she helped my district? I read this profile of another candidate and I am very impressed with Melissa Morrison http://votemorrison.paulding.com/ Seems she has some good sense about her and willing to work hard for District 19
  13. Thanks C-Mark-Willix & Associates My entry code is QFV4694. Maddox
  14. Whitey may have missed it but I did not Ton M also known on this web site as Regan Republican is a devout member of the Americans for Progress arm of the Tea party and has a local web site which carries out the tea party rant against the local Republican Party You should log in you would feel right at home there
  15. Surepip: I did check out your garden pictures. You have been busy putting in new walkways and the fence really looks nice, I know from experience you know how to cook with your herbs sooooo good. you truly have a green thumb. County Water I would have to agree with you on how expensive it is getting to water your garden, we do need some rain.
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