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  1. Why should Region I decide what is best for Paulding County? Do they live here ... and do they really care about what is best? Seems to me that the whole process is miss-guided. I guess any service is better than what we are getting now. So, it looks like the lesser of two evils is what we are going to be forced to swallow. The best thing to do now is hope you dont have to call 911.
  2. Ok ... Ok ... sorry I even brought up the subject. If it pisses you off so much, then why post anything. Just let the thread die. Obviously ... you know it is the most crucial decision that Paulding County is faced with. I have been a PC citizen for several years and have two children in the school system. So yes ... I have a say. You may not like what I have to say but that is the beauty of living in America. We all have the "freedom of speech".
  3. So, I have to say ... I have been really intrigued by this thread. Initially it was thought that this post had an alterior motive ... now it seems to have drawn some very interesting conversation. Because of that, I have been doing alot of "investigating". I am just that way I guess. Now, I am no Inspector Gadget ... but I do know a little about private investigation. I was in that field for many years. So here is how I see it from an outsider looking in: Sam Clark has been a long standing pillar in the Paulding Community. He has gained alot of support through his many business adventures. He has alot of friends and supporters and a lot of enemies. A man with that diverse portfolio is sure to be missed interpreted and judge (often falsely). I see Sam Clark as being a man with a huge heart but little business sense. He has done the best he can do for many years but now the time has come for change. There is Paulding County ... a community that is growing expodentially with alot of economic prowless. What used to be considered a "red-neck" nation ... now is becoming the premiere county in the state. A new hospital is coming soon and it has its own airport! Looks like all the makings of a new metropolis to me. That is what attracted me here in the first place. Now ... enter the governing authority. The illustrious Board of Commissioners. From what I have been able to gather, you have a relatively new guy with great aspirations and a genuine "good" heart, then you have the "outcast" that has honorable intentions but has not been indoctrinized into the "clan". Then you have the guy that represents well and talks the talk but questionable as to walking the walk. Next you have the "rat". Plan and simple he can not be trusted.... would lie to your face and be in the front pue of church on Sunday morning. Finanlly, as in most examples of our nations government structure, you have the leader who is self serving, contentious and down right arrogant. He would sell his soul to the devil to make a buck. How can anyone win when you have that type of leadership. Mr. Clark, you should hold your head up high and know that you have done the best you could. You must take responsibility for the things you have control over, but know there are those who geniunely appreciate your service to the community. Your legacy will live on and that can never be taken from you. THE CHALLENGE: Who will continue the legacy Sam Clark has started. On one side you have a gentle giant that has established itself as an honorable company with years of integrity and professionalism. On the other, you have a mega company well established as an industry leader with lots of financial baking and political "connections". Who is the best fit for Paulding? If you leave it up to your Board of Commissioners you can see the writing on the wall. However, you do have a voice. As a citizen of Paulding and the ones who elected those count officials ... you have a say and need to be heard! There are many in the political arena that do not want this issue to be heard. The choice is yours ... be silent and take what the government gives you ... or speak up and be heard. The next commisiioners meeting is scheduled for September 24th. The work session is at 10 AM with the official meeting at 7 PM. Get on the agenda to have your voice heard.
  4. Why would'nt Puckett want to keep the employees ... are they that big they can just bring in new people? Seems to me they would want to keep people that were familiar with the area. Smart business to me.
  5. I know $250K sounds like alot of money ... but with a county budget of over $50 million ... that don't seem like a whole lot of money to run an ambulance service. No wonder Clark was having fimamcial trouble.
  6. Ya know I thought that too but apparently thats not the case. I called Region I EMS office and David Foster (Region I Director) said that the zone was in Sam Clarks name personnaly and not in Clark Ambulance Service. So ... he said the zone would have to go out to bid. Metro will not be able to "buy"it. The plot thickens!!!!
  7. Great explanation Pubby .... so what has the county set aside as a "subsidy" for ambulance service? It has to be in the budget.
  8. Amen to that .... isnt that the most important thing? I dont care about all the politics. What is in the best interest of the citizens? That is the $64,000 question. Why have we not heard anything from our county leaders? There is nothing on the county website that addresses this issue. No mention of what the citizens want. Will we be able to vote on what service we want? I have heard great thing about Puckett and great things about Metro. Why not have two providers providing coverage? Can the county do that or do they have to have an exclusive provider. I know ... I know ... alot of questions for one post. I just think something smells "fishy" in our county government. Just sad!!!!
  9. So ... if Metro bought Clark Ambulance ... does that mean they automatically get to be the new ambulance provider?
  10. Just got back from the Paulding Meadows Festival ... first time attending. WOW! What an awesome event. Huge turn-out. I loved the food. The Rotary Club had great BBQ ... and the funnel cakes were awesome! Curious though ... I saw Puckett EMS there. Their first aid tent was remarkable. Very professional looking group.
  11. Thanks Pubby ... you seemed well versed in whats going on. That is why I came here. I know this is a "touchy" subject for many people, but a crucial one because we are talking about the lives of Paulding citizens. This is not some dispute over a building contract or road construction. This decision literally could be the difference between your life or death ... not trying to be overdramatic. I just think that it is alarming that there has not been any public ackowledgment that this is going on. There in nothing in the paper, on Channel 23 or mention at the commissioners meetings. You would think that the citizens would have the ability to vote on who responds to their familes emergency needs. I have never been one to get involved in politics .... you see the state our nation is in because of less than desirable politicians. I just dont want Paulding to be that way. But what I can gather by your response ... the "Good Ole Boy" system lives on in Paulding. Why dont the citizens have a choice? Is'nt it ultimately the tax payers money that is funding any subsidy to the ambulance provider? My ultimate desire is to see what is best for Paulding County .... whether that be ABC ambulance, Pucketts or Metro. Heck ... why not have two ambulance providers for the county? Seems like a little healthy competition would keep things on a level playing field. Thanks again Pubby.... I have a feeling there is no easy resolution in sight.
  12. LOL ... goodnight Lucky! Thanks LPPT and FREEBIRD ... I actually saw a Metro Ambulance in Dallas the other day. I guess that explains why.
  13. Well... if they do close then will the county have the responsibility for running the ambulances? I hear that Sam Clark has been a well respected member of the community and I have no reason to believe he is not. I know that in the county where I moved from, they were responsible for running the ambulances. I guess that could be the case here.
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