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  1. The BOE does not have anything to do with the loan. Their name is not on the loan. The President of the booster club took out the loan with his name on the loan and his brother. They should be held responsible for the loan not the school or the tax payers. Heritage Bank should have known better. Glassdog why would you move that close to the school then complain? For everyone that wants the bank to win needs to do some research and get the facts first.
  2. I noitced a sign hanging up at the Silver Comet Trail about a 5K. Does anyone know when that is, and what is it for?
  3. Thinking about going to a differnt beach this year. We are looking at Peridido Key or Orange Beach. Need condo suggestions.
  4. I bought my son the Xbox Live Gold Membership, but I do not understand what my money actually bought. He tried playing a couple of games over the week-end and he needed money or points to play. Please explain what the membership gets me and how does this work
  5. Just curious what park was this team out of?
  6. I would like the recipe also. Sounds good
  7. October 31 Halloween. :rolleyes: What about other families that live in Camberley Park what night are you going to give out candy?
  8. Noticed the morning as leaving someone has placed a sign up front about Camberley Park will be celebrating Halloween on Saturday night, really no one ask my vote. The last time I checked Halloween was on October 31 and that is when I will be giving out candy. The question is who decided to make this decision for everyone?
  9. Sorry was not trying to scare anyone. My leg is healing great, feeling much better. Just wanted you to be aware that MRSA is going around, which was a huge suprise to me last week. I beleive the pictures are a severe case, I did not have anything like that. Just try to keep his hands clean and away from sore.
  10. It sounds like MRSA. I had the same thing happen to me. I thought a bug had bit me on my leg. I went to the doctor last week and she said it was MRSA. I am taking the same meds they gave your son plus my family and I have to apply a cream in our nose for 7 days and I also have meds to apply to the spot.. The doctor told me that it was running rampant right now; that she sees 4 or 5 cases a week. MRSA does have a yellow spot in the middle, it has a knot and does start to hurt. Google it there is plenty of pitures Good luck.
  11. I am looking for a treadmill, mine died last night.
  12. What part of Hiram is the farmers market located? I am looking for Purple Hull peas.
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