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    A sensible man knows you can't please everybody. A wise man knows you can't please anybody." -

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  1. Just go let you know, I was able to reset my password & log in as my old self.
  2. ok, hubby and BIL are home - safe & sound. Had to leave the truck at the front of the hood & walk home. I still have friends trying to get home though. Does anyone know with certainty if East Paulding is closed? Or what 120 looks like going to 278? The attempt is to get from E/W Conn (Barrett) to Mt. Olivet Rd
  3. Barrett was a bust - back tracking to Wade Green to get to Jiles
  4. Hey CC, you are absolutely right! THANK YOU to EVERYONE that is working so hard to get everyone home safe & sound
  5. ok, the attempt shall be to take Barrett to 120
  6. I am very very grateful for the BEST bus driver in the world for getting my kid home safe & sound within 20 minutes today!!
  7. My hubby is still on 75 - keeps changing from north to south to try to find an exit that's moving. Trying to get from 41 area to New Hope - does anyone know what's open/what's closed? I heard that 92 was closed - he said it's not moving AT ALL - He can also try 75 to Barrett to get to 120 if that's moving??
  8. Not to hijack MJR, but I didn't want to waste space with by starting a similar thread WHO needs help today with clean up?? Have boys/garbage bags/rakes - will travel. Everyone that I know is fine, so if you know of anyone that needs a friendly/free hand cleaning up, let's hear it!! my MIL had a house fire years ago, that was one of the hardest things to accept was that ALL of those family photos were gone. You can't replace them. I own one baby photo of my hubby. Only one. It's very important to me.
  9. One could always toss her a few cans of beans/corn/vegis - that way, if she's REALLY hungry, she'll be grateful. If she throws the can at you, you know she's a con
  10. That is a great idea. I agree, many that need help would never ask for help. Of all of the area food pantrys, I prefer to donate to Helping Hands in Dallas, because they ask for income verification before handing out food to anyone that asks. I appreciate that they have a required practice in place to help protect from double dipping/dishonesty. If one is looking for a food pantry to donate to, Helping Hands would be my first suggestion.
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