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  1. He is still missing. This is my brother-in-law. We don't know what to do. Flyers have been put up all over Carrollton and Atlanta.
  2. Brian Anthony Wehrle Click above to see story and picture. Thank you! edited to add that he has a heart condition. He is has a pacemaker.
  3. Please say a prayer for my husband's brother. He has been missing since around September 24th. He was last seen in Carrollton on that day. No one has seen him or heard from him since. The family feels so lost. We don't know what to do. This isn't like him at all. It doesn't look good.
  4. I recognize that green van. I pick up middle school in that subdivision. One of my kids lives there. This is horrible! I'm not even gonna bother complaining about the little bit of water we have in our basement! It's nothing compared to that!!!
  5. I received a call from Mr Black at 4:05 this morning letting me know to start calling all the drivers in my district. So, I was making numerous calls to wake people up, but they didn't mind once they heard the news. For that decision to have already been made that early, just think of how early they were up checking out road conditions! Thanks Jim for being so dedicated! What a great boss!
  6. My brother is sitting in this traffic right now. He said the 3rd helicopter just took off.
  7. Yeah, get some rest. You'll need it. We'll all be waiting for you when you get back. We'll try to take it easy on Mr Wilcox while you're gone.
  8. Thank you. Is there any way I could get a sympathy card to his family? I'd like to send one signed by all of the drivers in my district.
  9. I just saw this. I am so sorry to hear he has passed. The fact that he's no longer in pain may be the only comfort his family may feel. If it's possible, I'd like to attend the funeral, but it sounds like it will be pretty far away. Please let us know...
  10. I guess this was their way of getting help. a little extreme though...
  11. I am so sad to have heard this news yesterday. My prayers are with all of Austin's family and friends.
  12. I just hope I can stay strong for Danielle tonight. God, give me strength. Thank you for your prayers.
  13. This is a very painful time for everyone who knew him. He always had a new joke to tell. And with all the time I spent at their house spending the night with Danielle, (I also lived with them for almost a year when I was 18) he considered me one of his kids. I'm very fortunate to have known him. Thanks to Bigmomma, I now know the arrangements. He is at Clark Funeral Home. Visitation wil be on Saturday from 5-8pm. Funeral on Sunday at 2:00.
  14. Please keep this family in your prayers. Jesse's daughter has been my best friend for 22 years. She called me earlier this week to tell me the end was near for him. I got the call this morning that he had passed away at 3:30am. His youngest daughter is getting married in August and now her dad won't be there. Very sad situation.
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