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  1. Thank you! I found another one too, but the North game isn't on. I have my Grandson giving me updates.
  2. Does anyone know the sight to watch the high school football games online? I can't find it from last year. Thanks!
  3. Good post! Obviously, I'm all for it
  4. Thank you! Thank you! If only it would help!
  5. Hi Emily, Welcome to Paulding County! You are moving to a spot where it will be easy to find your way around...easy roads to main shopping, library, post office, etc. You will be just down the street from me. I own The Endless Yard Sale store in Paulding Plaza next to the Ingles plaza. We offer upscale merchandise at very reasonable prices. Please stop in to say hello. Good luck with your move.
  6. So sorry to hear this Lady Raider!Prayers for you in this difficult time! They will soon have their dance in Heaven
  7. mmcfall

    Johnny J

    He was such a friendly man with a huge heart! You will be missed JJ! So glad I got to speak with you one last time! Prayers for the Family!
  8. I am so glad I called him. Still, shocked to hear! He will be missed!
  9. Happy to hear the news, and good luck to you! I'll continue to send folks your way.
  10. JJ is my buddy! Prayers for all. Feel free to come by if you would like to talk. I will be calling him soon.
  11. Kirkland's had a sign on the front door last week.
  12. Happy Birthday To You! Hope you got to do something fun!
  13. You can come back today! We are continuing our 1/2 clothes today - Saturday!
  14. Our clothes racks are packed! Time to clear some out! Come by today for 1/2 off clothes. Dressing rooms available.
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