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  1. We just moved back here to Ohio from Dallas a few weeks ago..I did not know about Paulding County in Ohio but I thought it was funny that there is a Hiram, Ohio.
  2. I've watched this show since the beginning...Never in my life have I felt the way I did last night watching a tv show. My heart was racing and pounding, I felt sick to my stomach and wanting to cry at the same time...My friend and I text always throughout each show, but when I knew it was gonna be him, I had to call her. I could not watch it alone. I know it sounds crazy, it is just a tv show after all. But I am still not over it. My husband thinks I have lost my mind. LOL
  3. He taught at Union for years...He taught both of my boys. He was Teacher of the Year at New Georgia within the last couple of years. This is heartbreaking. I also must say that it is made worse by us parents finding out about this via the news or paper. It would have been nice to have been told.
  4. Saw the pictures and that white car looked horrible. Praying for the families of those that lost their lives, as well as the driver of the truck.
  5. I keep getting annoying phone calls! I was actually yelling at automated Heath telling him to never call my home again...This is getting way out of hand- 3/4 calls a day from candidates and voter groups
  6. about how much does a project like this cost? It looks wonderful!
  7. Not sure....but I do know that Heather Webber is coming back, and Steve and Jason are going to end up being related..which I find icky and Jason and Elizabeth had a kid together- which by the way, I am still not over Jakes death....why could they not bring him back?? :(
  8. I am so ticked off! I cried through both days of her darn funeral! Those flashbacks to when she was a little girl?? Ugh.....I want to strangle the writers of the show....so, maybe this means Lisa is not dead and she has her???
  9. Please do not take offense at my link.......My nephew was diagnosed as a sociopath at 12. http://sandrarose.com/2008/03/are-you-raising-a-sociopath/
  10. My husband has spoken with Mr. Beale this afternoon as well as leaving a message for Mr. Swafford..He is not sure who Mr. Thompson is, if you could forward any contact info, it would be much appreciated.
  11. My husband has been in contact with Jeff.....when they spoke it seemed as it was still too soon to begin the work...My husband told Jeff to please pass on his contact info to the many owners of the aircraft..Still waiting to hear back. We saw first hand the destruction of the tornado..It has weighed heavy on his heart and he feels compelled to help where and when he can.. He called a awesome group of his friends that are kick but aircraft mechs and they are willing to help too.....
  12. My husband has been in the aviation industry long enough, and is very proud of his accomplishments...He and his friends are in NO WAY looking to fix aircraft, just helping in the clean up...Certain parts can be salvaged and they want to help clean up the runway areas and well as get the airport back into operational status....Not everyone can do this, and there are a group of A/P's willing to offer their time.....
  13. No thanks needed...we are all working class here,some of our neighbors work for Georgia Power, AT&T, Carroll EMC, Cobb EMC....These guys are all out right now, away from their families and working hard. He just wants to be able to help, where he can...Airplanes are his specialty and he has a whole network of guys that want to help to..... We just need to get the word out there!
  14. He tried, Blake is not the easiest person to get ahold of right now due to the circumstances...so I said, hey we need to go where it will be the fastest, best way to get the word spread. Paulding.com!!!
  15. Mods- I respectfully ask that you keep this in the cafe for the traffic this post will get. If anyone knows any of the many owners of the aircraft that were totaled and or damaged at Paulding Airport, my husband would like to get contact information. He is a licensed A/P Mechanic, and would love to offer his services if needed. He feels strongly that since this is his field, he would love to be able to volunteer his time to help. He has many fellow A/P's that would also love to volunteer their skills and time...Planes are what these guys know and they want to be able to help. Thanks in advance.... Husband wanted me to make sure that it is clear, he and his friends will REFUSE any offers of compensation...they just want to help.
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