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  1. Well thank you! We registered Deputy Ashley Henson on here today. He will be the new PIO for Paulding. He will do a good job keeping you all informed. Here is a link that was started that gives a little more detail about me leaving.
  2. Our deputies responded to a domestic violence call yesterday afternoon in Eagle Point. When they arrived the male subject fled on foot. We saturated the area rather quickly with other deputies. The suspect was located and arrested. He was charged with Family Violence Battery, Theft by Taking, and Obstruction of Law Enforcement.
  3. Thanks again everyone! I will be on patrol learning my way around the city. GPS will be a great friend over the next few weeks
  4. Someone told me I was being talked about on here. First of all, thank you all for your comments and kind words. I have enjoyed my time here interacting with Pcommers. I hope that what we have done together has helped to better the relationship between the Paulding County Sheriff's Office and our citizens. Without the support of our citizens, we can not effectively prevent crime and protect life and property. I have called Paulding County home for 32 years and will continue to live here. Deputy Ashley Henson has been my back up PIO for the past couple of years. He is looking forward to assuming the role full time. You will likely see his posts here in the near future. Thank you all again! Brandon
  5. What Pubby is saying is that he used more common sense than the person on the news desk that night.
  6. Yes!!! Thanks, Pubby Although, awhile back the news desk for 11 Alive called me at 2 a.m. saying that a caller told them that we had responded to a call of a dead body that was found in a ditch in Paulding County. The "dead body" was actually a drunk passed out. My wife was not too happy getting woke up to that The Governors Town Club entrance is in Cobb County, but part of the subdivision comes back in to Paulding so a few of the streets belong to us. It is not uncommon for Cobb and Paulding to respond to a call like a possible house fire due to the boundary issue. It is possible that the reason multiple sirens were heard was because some units from Cobb responded also. It is also possible that a Cobb or Paulding vehicle on the scene was sent from that scene to another scene when it was decided that they were no longer needed there. That would explain why they left with sirens going again.
  7. I see y'all are going to keep me busy today Dallas PD responded to a report of a theft in progress from a vehicle at Merchant's Court Apartments. The suspects led on foot. Our deputies respond to help establish a perimeter around the area that the suspects were seen running toward. Dallas PD K-9 was used and located both suspects. Both suspects were taken in to custody.
  8. You can visit our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/pauldingsheriff for a more detailed update.
  9. There was NO shooting last night in Bentwater. There were NO shootings last night anywhere in Paulding County so I am not sure how or why this rumor got started anyway.
  10. Got it! I am letting our traffic unit know so they can plan on traffic enforcement in those areas. For everyone else that travels that same route... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! Also, let me point you in a much better direction for notifying us of these traffic complaints. Someone sent me an email that this was here or I may not have seen it for several days. If you go to our website, www.paulding.gov/sheriff, and look for the link titled "Citizen's Traffic Enforcement Request" you can submit your complaint there electronically. That complaint will be sent automatically to the supervisors over the traffic unit as well as the Patrol Division commander. If you wish to include a link back to the original Pcom thread so they can see the pictures you can include that in the comments section. That may be a much quicker solution for you in the future for any other traffic complaints in Paulding County.
  11. There was a brief chase related to this arrest. The suspect was mobile as we were tracking his movements by GPS. We used several officers to saturate the area in order to hopefully spot the suspect's vehicle. Once his vehicle was seen, he failed to stop for the deputies. Deputies had to bring the pursuit to an end using the Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT). There will be additional charges related to the pursuit as well as charges related to the ongoing investigation. For Immediate Release Registered Sexual Predator Arrested Paulding County (Paulding County,GA) Anthony Sims (42 year old male; Hiram, GA), registered sexual predator, was arrested today, November 3, 2011, and charged with Public Indecency and Simple Assault as a result of an ongoing investigation. He is currently held in the Paulding County Detention Center without bond. The case is still active and additional charges are likely. The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office has received three reports of Indecent Exposure in the area of South Davis Mill Rd and Hiram Sudie Rd since September 16, 2011. The victims reported that the suspect had exposed his genitals outside of their homes. Detectives identified Sims as a registered “sexual predator” that was living within a close proximity to the locations that had been reported. It is required that registered sexual predators wear ankle monitors due to their high risk classification. Detectives made contact with Sims’ probation officer and were able to use the GPS tracking capability of the ankle monitor to discover that Sims had been at each incident location at the time the crimes were reported. “Paulding County currently has 4 registered sexual predators that are monitored by probation or parole using ankle monitors,” noted Paulding County Sheriff Gary Gulledge. “We are fortunate that technology such as GPS exists, and we will continue to use it in order to keep our communities safe.” -30-
  12. I am not going to get in to the debate on rather or not a citation should have been issued. I also admit that I did not read every post in this thread so this point may have already been made. I did want to address the comments that I did read about a "police escort". Most all police agencies, including Paulding County Sheriff's Office, have strict written policies against providing an emergency police escort for a private vehicle. Why is that? There are several reasons for this policy. For example, if the police officer is speeding with lights and siren and the citizen is following at a speed they are unable to safely drive they could very well lose control of their vehicle and crash. The agency would be help liable for that crash. If the citizen following the police car in an escort crashes for any reason at all the agency will likely be help liable. Emergency vehicles are equipped with multiple lights and loud sirens, but they are still involved in crashes when other motorists do not see or hear them and fail to yield. The chance of this increases if you are in a private vehicle with nothing but “flashers” blinking. If you have a non-emergency situation that you need to go to the hospital for by all means have someone transport you in a private vehicle. However, we encourage you not to risk your life or the life of others to transport yourself or a loved one to a medical facility in an emergency situation. It is very difficult to concentrate on your driving and care for that loved one in the car with you that is in need of emergency medical care.
  13. This information was pulled from our "Paulding County Sheriff" Facebook page. Be sure to click "like" on our page to follow us on Facebook if you haven't already.
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