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  1. Yea I guess it does....swooooon
  2. Looks like some type of old press used for heated metals. Not sure about being a dental tool since is appears too large for that.
  3. I cant make it tomorrow night. I am spending the last few days with my Mom before I start my new job. However, I will be training in Cartersville for 3 weeks starting Monday so I am sure I will sneak my way over to Dallas several times of the next three weeks. Depending on what time I get to GA Sunday - maybe we can all get together for a little while! Sorry to hi-jack the thread!
  4. I think RNG had Mexican for lunch today - so might want to check with her
  5. Oh look.........out of nowhere comes the "Dog Whisper"! LOL!
  6. It's ok RNG - you just need to understand that we actually do appreciate the level of talent you have for the art of burping. Almost to the point of being a little jealous. FFF - nope I am back in Ky. Was a very quick trip had to take care of some things there. Drove back last night!
  7. It took me hours to wash that crap off..............I mean you could at least say "excuse me"!
  8. My3sons


    Me too - bored to death!
  9. There are some options to do that but so far it's either not working well or I am a moron and doing it wrong. I do beleive the latter of the two is the real issue. But thanks!
  10. I have a 3G from a provider in the Philippines and the plan has ended. I have version 3.1.3 and firmware of 5.12.01 I have looked everywhere and cant find an unlock process for the 5.12.01 as of yet? Anyone have any ideas?
  11. I am doing ok......just trying to find my way but it will come soon I hope. Hope you are well!
  12. An old game that I beleive Oscar started many moons ago....Mix up topics and see what you get! Example: DESIGNER DOG MY BUTT - HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN!
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