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  1. Well, I saw it. Looks the same. Can't "Learn about the new paulding dot com" without a password. Thanks Caped Crusader/Curtis for the tease. It was cute. Contact me on Facebook if you change your ways.
  2. It's been a day or two since I've been here. What's up buttercup?
  3. The Crow of course. Some of you have seen me in costume...
  4. Happy Birfday buddy! The place is looking good, think I'll lurk for a while!!!
  5. The place looks good, lets see if I know my way around the old girl. There may be a learning curve but I am just here to play. Happy birthday old man, Love you long time!
  6. Just stoping by to read a little and say HI. It's been a while, I hope I remember hw it all works.
  7. Not sure if you refer to me, I don't do politics here, never ever. You are right though, that is a Marxist belief...... Just 'sayn.
  8. Oh Good God. Don't start the "Fat Tax" Crap. I love me some cheeseburgers and Mac-n-cheese, in the same meal. I work that stuff off. I'm skinny and would be PISSED OFF if I had to pay more for being skinny and active. Get your asses in gear people. If you ate 4 fried chickens for lunch and haven't left the toilet in 2 years you deserve to have it embeded in your butt....
  9. Not being ABLE to?????? Is there a problem with the door? Must be enter only. WOW......From each what they can. To each what they need.....Sound familiar????? Get your hands outta my pocket.
  10. Damn, sorry, round is a shape too. Most of America resembles that shape.
  11. Well, I'm 40 and in better shape than I was at your age. (and better than you are now) Buck up, and take the spoon outta your mouth.
  12. I forgot my pepper sause on Saturday. Save me some.
  13. Not sure where you are going with that TC, but I have a neighbor that needs a hobby BAD. Aparently My Danes aren't fat enough and she thought I needed a visit.... I hope she doesn't discover that your cat has no legs. LOL
  14. Can I suggest cliff diving in the rockies?????? Or maybe thread jumping, bungies are for amatures. LOL
  15. The one on 61 south near PCHS is just as bad. No left turn in or out. Several accidents have happened because of people making the illegal turns. Many more have been narrowly averted at the entrance to my hood because of idiots doing U-turns at the entrance. My advice, follow ALL the rules of the road. I am sick and tired of dodging idiots at the entrance to my hood and the MORONS that make the illegal turns in and out of the one down the street from me. BTW, if I nail you in the rear while you are making an illegal left turn it is my fault, but, you may not live to tell the tale. Obey the law
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