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  1. I find it funny at the "married" men or "straight" men that thinks its ok to ya know, just have a lil "fun" with other men. Now I know im not right in the head but...
  2. Typed out a couple things but will be nice.
  3. It's Jim Kelly! Not that much! just messin, good luck on that search. I have a few limited prints of different cards and I just gave up looking.
  4. Just depends what ya got and what ya asking for the cards. There is a card shop in the square and also in kennesaw, off Barrett parkway. And yeah most 80's and early 90. I'd say til 94. Are pretty much worthless.
  5. Now that title put a smile on my face!
  6. Great Friday so far! Lookin forward to the warmer temps to get a walk on the SCT!
  7. Werd! Cept it was ckn fingers instead of fried chicken but still lip smackin good!
  8. I've tried it! Good food for sure! Me and my son both enjoyed the chicken and waffles!
  9. Tis a bit nippy! This truck seat was coooold when I hopped up in her this morning around 0400! Happy merning though to all!
  10. Them boys are truely playing some damn good football! cant wait to see how many of them transfer to the JR. Patriots.
  11. I'm going to a weight loss clinic! Taint no shame in my game!
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