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  1. It's Florida. It might be BBQ alligator!
  2. I recently heard that JC Penney might close down their store fronts and go to a pure internet play. They are losing a lot of money right now on stores.
  3. Is it unreasonable to think people should confirm the requirements before applying for a job? If you owned an MD office and were looking for an MD partner to help you, would you want the local garbagemen to apply and suck up half the time you allotted to doing interviews? I bet the unemployment office makes you apply for a certain amount of jobs and keep a log. These folks should write the GOP and ask to be considered for President in 2016 and put that in their log book too.
  4. Gravity challenged. You might be taller on some other planets.
  5. Calm down granny - aren't you a tad old for a bikini?
  6. We are probably about the same age. I did some things with a spreadsheet and some account movements to assure me the ability to retire at 55. I can give you a copy of the spreadsheet I use, and the other spreadsheets you need to do calamity planning (to make your way through a stock market crash), etc. I am not sure, but maybe those can be attached to the PCOM mail system. Check and just let me know or I can email them manually and then walk you through them.
  7. What happened to you?!?!? You are becoming a stepford wife version of DGITW. You used to laugh at these soup chickens, and now you beg for their attentions? Are you OK? Should I buy you a puppy?
  8. Or she can drop trough like Julie Warner did in Doc Hollywood. That might be kinda hawt to watch DGITW do that. Someone should sell tickets to the show!
  9. Father Lucci (Peter Friedman) never died in Seventh Sign. As always, crossroads gets it wrong. Predictable.
  10. Anything is possible until scientifically proven impossible; though my comments were tongue in cheek and meant to be humorous. Sure, I think it's 50% possible that ghosts exists. But unline the silly skydaddy stuff you believe in - when someone asks you to prove your assertion your little head explodes whereas I try to ponder whether anything skydaddy related could have been historically factual. You believe in ghosts, straight up. You believe in the bible, and it has ghosts. You also believe in demons. And multiple gods. And angels. You even think saying you are praying in a thread
  11. I think the soup chickens should pray for the kitty to have a firm stool. They are already praying for others here in the Internet Cafe. You don't think they have enough prayer mojo for the humans and the kitty at the same time?
  12. Have the soup chickens do a PCOM prayer vigil. They think prayer works as long as you aren't a starving black child in Africa or a Jew in an extermination camp.
  13. Actually, I could and I did. I sold some patents and moved to the Leatherstocking Region of Central NY to get a farmhouse built in the 1700's on a few hundred acres. I love history, and this house has a ton of it. It even has a ghost. A slave hung herself in one of the bedrooms in the late 1700's. Now things move around on their own and you can hear her pace the halls sometimes. The area was very important to the revolutionary war, and some of the forts within 10 or so miles from my house have great stories written of their contributions.
  14. You do the work! Step 1) save off any important excel spreadsheets or word documents you might have to a stick. Step 2) Do a low level format of the hard drive directly from the BIOS start up screen. Easy to do - just unallocate the drive and reallocate it and do a full format. Step 3) Reinstall Windoze and your office products. Step 4) Move the excel and and word files off the stick and back on to the computer. Step 5) Run a virus check on your entire system to make sure life is back to normal. Note: From now on do a weekly backup of your system. Note 2: Mac's are safer than
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