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  1. Hey, I'm just as delayed as you in getting back...glad to hear things are looking up, sorry about the cars though. If y'all need anything, just let me know. I'm on facebook, btw. I swear I'm not too creepy! http://www.facebook.com/scottheathcoat

  2. Hey. Like the new pic. How are thing? Any better? Or is it still Raman time?

  3. Hey Danielle, how are things?

  4. Thanks for emailing me...the email went to the spam folder, and I saw it just as I hit "delete all" out of habit, and I couldn't recover. Forgiveness please, round two? Why can't I PM you?

  5. Hey DR, email me, I have a question for ya!


  6. Maybe...its time for another picture change soon, so hold onto your britches, here comes the switches!

  7. Must have me confused with other west coast transplants here...I've always been superscoot52, been my screen name and email since I was 13. I've changed my picture recently.

  8. Hi! Nope, I've had the same "superscoot52" since I signed up over 2 years ago.

    Happy B-day tomorrow, btw.


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