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  1. I am some what of a coupon queen and I would be happy give you some direction with really making a dent in your grocery bill to work on your cooking goal. I recently saw this movie and thought the same thing. Go out there and do it. Send me an email if you want some tips for really saving on your grocery bill. My email is jabbaranowsky@gmail.com. I will be following you and admire your courage!
  2. Have some one come get me so I can sneek out of the house! lol
  3. I use to work in Banking and a lot times what happens is you card number is stolen at a local shop or rest and sold then people will take the number and go shopping. Very good job for keeping on your toes. The bank person should have canceled your card rigth away. I use to do fraud research and prevention for a local bank until I was laid off however I know in about an 8 month period of time I saved well over $100,000 in losses to the bank and it's customers.
  4. Went to F.L. and saved $125 in coupons between my and my husbands shopping carts with 2 $10 couipons and tripple coupons.
  5. Exactly. I use mine to stock up. We eat very good on a budget. I don't buy things I would not normally buy unless I want to try or it is free or almost free. If I can buy generic cheaper than I will put the coupon away and save it for when it does go on sale and put in my pantry. This bill I was referring to earlier. I go over $300 dollars worth the groceries for about $180.
  6. I have a case of bottled water to bring! Whatcha bringing?
  7. What a fantastic idea! Thanks Brandon for caring! P.S. Don't forget about our furry friends. The shelter is in need of dog and cat food too for displaced animals.
  8. I would gladly teach you. I have made is a game to save money and look at it as an extra paycheck.
  9. I agree couponing is an art but it can be done. I even have my MIL clipping coupons. The trick is buy the doulbe news paper every Sunday it cost about 2.50 but you will save far more. First I looked through the grocery adds and circle the items for each store I shop at and make a list. Usually 1 or 2 stores depending on the sales and a Walmart run once a month for certian items that I can get there cheaper. If you watch TV I cut my coupons during the commericals and set up envelopes and based on the store I shop at and place the coupons according to each ilse and based on the list I make
  10. I had corned beef and cabbage the other day for lunch and it was YUMMY!!!
  11. Can't wait, See everyone tomorrow.
  12. This place has a great atmosphere and the food is off the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worth everyone's time to check it out. Can't wait for Friday!!!!!!!!!
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