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  1. He did look to be young as in a teenager or young man not a child. In the dark it could have been an older person. I did not see anyone in the other ambulance and they could have been called somewhere else while this was going on so they would have had thier lights and siren on. So... I have to believe it was the same call. I was at the life flight scene but not at the scanner so I have to believe that was the same call. The people that I was with said they thought he looked younger but you never know unless you are standing right there on it with the ambulance crew.
  2. Yes~ there was a lot going on there at the same time! I bet people coming out of Kroger were shocked when they came out!
  3. That's true. He didn't elaborate and I didn't ask anything else. Hoping he is ok through the night.
  4. The guy by Burger King was an arrest I assume to be non-related but at the same time as life flight. Two officers were with him. The ambulances and the firetrucks were towards the middle of the parking lots and the police cars were at the entrances and exits on the side by Fuji. The two ambulances pulled in down by Fuji next to the exit by checkers. One stayed, the other left. The looked as if to be helping the person in the ambulance before the flighted him. That took 5-10 minutes. He could have been old but didn't look it from my vantage point.
  5. You would think that. We happened to be at Checkers when it happened and we were told an accident. But an accident could be just about anything. They all got there and barricaded it off in a hurry.
  6. I didn't see anyone in the other ambulances but at least one of them left with there lights and sirens and one stayed with the man (looked young) they put in the lifeflight helicopter. They used the firetrucks, ambulances and police cars to barracade the parking lot off for traffic control.
  7. I guess it could be the same call. Didn't look like an older male and the ambulance pulled in. We were told it was an accident but you know how those things happen. Whatever the case, Hope all is ok.
  8. Yep! They had to barricade it all to make room for the chopper.
  9. There was an accident back behind the Kroger somewhere and they had to life flight him out.
  10. I just heard it too! I hope all is ok!
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. You will be in my prayers! Hugs!
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