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  1. Caped Crusader I am not there I was just wondering if they had a published list online because I did not know if any of my high school is in it
  2. Does anyone know where I can find the participates of the parade?
  3. usnavy


    Stradical everybody was gone bit the ambulance but as soon as we were leaving the ambulance was 2
  4. usnavy


    Does anybody know was going on at the Kroger on Ridge Road. There were 2 Police cruisers, an ambulance, a Fire truck,a fire rescue and a fire Explorer. This happened near the Kroger Fuel Station and they were near that open field.
  5. It is off ridge road behind the old OBJECT Ritch elementary school. It is off ridge road behind the old pb Ritch elementary school
  6. Does anybody know what went on on Brandon woods circle around 4:00 am this morning? There was police and an ambulance.
  7. i would call hiram high school at 770-443-1182 and ask the front desk or go up there and talk to the secretarys
  8. Does anybody know about the vehicle fire in Hiram today?
  9. this was very funnnnnnnny
  10. did anybody hear what happened to her
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