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  1. Pubby, I do believe you need to check your memory or Look into your story a little more. Your completely wrong on this one and its a complete shame that you would even try to tell the story. Please don't even try to post this story about the young girl killed by her boyfriend unless you know the story. That evening was very bad in a lot of peoples lives in this County. He received life in Prison with the possibility of Parole. He has been out now for a few years. Pull the court case and tell the real story. Please don't just try to go off memory.
  2. She is. They are offering a Reward. Thanks
  3. My moms dog went missing yesterday evening off Morningside Drive. It's a small female ,little over weight Red chihuahua dog. She needs her medication and my mama is so upset. We were all down there eating and visiting. She must have got out and then got scared of the fireworks people were shooting.We've looked everywhere and she hasn't come home.
  4. Dr. Tuner. He is great and parents are allowed to go back.
  5. My sons mother in laws dog has escaped his fence. Please look out for this sweet guy.
  6. I think a good Park for the kids in the area.
  7. 524 Morningside Drive Hiram. Off of Hwy 92.
  8. They have been found!!!! Please close this topic.
  9. These 2 sweet males are lost. Please keep an eye out. They were last seen this Morning in a fenced in yard in Vila Rica. Thanks!!
  10. http://www.signupgenius.com/index.cfm?go=s.Signup&id=2442477 This also is a link. You may need to open it with Chrome.
  11. http://www.gofundme.com/goldminefire I spoke with the Family concerning what they need. Above is a secure website that has been set up. Mrs. G I recieved your message. I am sorry you are still not able to reach anyone in the family. I just decided to drive by there. The family was there cleaning up. The above link is what they gave me.
  12. Message sent. Contact me. I have family that would like to help.
  13. Good luck. My daughter is in College to become a Vet. And she also works part time at a Vets office. So she loves animals. But if she don't keep bringing home strays I may go insane. Lol she picks ups and brings home something about every 6 mths. The good thing is she gets them healthy and their shots before she finds them a new home. But sometimes she loves on them a little to much and falls in love. So it takes me a little longer to remind her to find them a home.
  14. Also when she took him to vet she got all his shots. Only way we would keep him here until a home was found. So we have shot records.
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