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  1. Yesterday there was a red truck with a Mexican man and a African American man casing the middle of our subdivision. Especially one particular house. My neighbor watched them for the longest time. When they went by to leave the subdivision she did get the license plate number.


    She said that they stopped and watched the house, then backed up, rolled forward, backed up, rolled forward, sat there for about 10 minutes. Then they went into the neighbors driveway, sat there for about 2 minutes, backed up, and left the subdivision.

  2. Just to give a heads up, the sheriff department was in our subdivision around 11 tonight. Someone was in a neighbors backyard with flash lights, flashing her house. When the officers got here, they were gone and the officers didn't see anyone when they walked around.

    Be safe everyone!!! Make sure all doors and windows are locked. Not to mention your garage doors and side door. They mean business.

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  3. Something doesn't seem right here. Were the only cars broken into that had valuables in them or did they also strip some car parts like stereos, gps systems, dvd players etc? This doesn't look like something just desperate dumb criminals with petty theft on their toolbelt would be able to pull off. Waaaay too organized to have not only hit different neighborhoods in one night but to know which cars had something worth stealing.

    My neighbor that was hit had a computer in the back on the floor that they completely missed. They went through all 3 vehicles of hers. They went through the console and glove compartment took all her papers out and had them on the seats. They sure went through the front of each vehicle thoroughly. This will be her 3rd time hit, in 3 years. 2 years ago hit twice in one week, and then Wednesday night. It seems they are watching her, because each time she was hit, she has been out of town.

    My sisters neighborhood was also. So far last night it includes Brentwood, Chestnut Grove, Candlewood, and Cumberland Falls. I know one gun was stolen out of Cumberland Falls. Was it a different neighborhood that one more was stolen at? They must have been out all night to get around to this many neighborhoods! Hope they are caught before they decide to use a gun!!

    Where is Cumberland Falls?

  4. ATLANTA —


    There are new developments announced about how Georgia students will make up school days lost to snow and ice.


    Channel 2 Action News was there as the Georgia Board of Education made a final vote on a plan.







    The State Board of Education unanimously approved a measure that allows individual school districts to have the final say about make up days.


    The measure is all about flexibility; Allowing schools districts to make the decision that works for them. The Board of Education unanimously approved a one page resolution opening up several possibilities for each individual school district.


    Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh was inside the meeting when the measure was discussed late Thursday morning. The state superintendent John Barge said he has heard from several districts each having different needs. Most school districts build in four emergency days into their calendar, but with the storms in January and February, all have exceeded that.


    “We are not saying to districts, ‘you have to make it up or not for your district,’” Barge said.


    The Board of Education is also offering some flexibility for when the school districts have to complete all standardized tests, like the CRCT.



  5. Swim Lesson will begin again March 10, 2014.





    Edit: It's closed until March. She also was in a car accident and broke her back. I called today and that is what her sweet husband told me. He said, that her injuries is where 1% where people will never walk again. BUT, good news for her, she is walking, she won't let this accident get her down. She will be going into the pool for some therapy.


    Also, her husband and I talked about, if anyone is interested at that time (March) in doing water aerobics, she wouldn't have a problem at all putting a class together for us.


    It would beat going all the way to that one indoor pool on Macland Road, where they charge extra for living in Paulding County.



  6. My daughter's mother-in-law's house was the one on Kessle Lane. I don't have a lot of details, but someone definitely shot up the house. No idea who or why. Is Dunleith Drive near Kessle Lane?


    Dunleith Drive is the road before Ivy Springs Subdivision.

  7. So, there were gun fire on two different streets? Dunleith Drive and Kessle Drive? Dunleith had bullet holes in someone's home, and Kessle had shots ringing in the early Tuesday morning as well? Or do you think, it's one in the same?


    And yes, to the person that asked if this is near Abney.

  8. I know one person who wouldn't be afraid if she still lived here in this town if you got her mad enough. And you know who I'm talking about.


    I say, if we all band together and stand up to the politicians of this County and tell them enough is enough, they will have to do something about it. But, people can say they are for it, they will do it, but when it's time to actually do it, they don't show. Why? Like you said, they are afraid to be seen and the repercussions.

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