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  1. My doctors said that I should have had a double mastectomy from the beginning instead of a lumpectomy and some Lymph Nodes removed from my armpit that was cancerous as well. After going through all this since Nov. 2014, now they are saying that I need the mastectomy because the breast isn't healing and I'm on my 6th infection because the breast and armpit isn't draining properly.

  2. Hey Everyone,


    Sorry that I haven't been on for almost a year. As you most know what I've been going through. Well, here is the update. Nothing worked out and I have to have a mastectomy done now. I'm going to do the reconstruction at the same time to have every thing done all at once.


    I have been through hell and back, and I'm so over this, I can't see straight. Have you ever been over a situation, that you can't even muster up an emotion? That's me.


    I hope everyone is doing great, and I'm sorry that I haven't been on in so long.

  3. For everyone who is worried about B5 not getting enough food, look at the eaglets crop! The crop is a pouch located in the throat where food is stored for later feeding. An eagle does not chew and swallow its food into a stomach, but it swallows each piece whole and it is held inside the "crop" and released a small amount at a time into the gizzard, where it is ground fine and dispersed throughout its digestive tract. Just look at the little crops on B4 and B5! They both have a nice full crop. So B5 may look like he Is losing the battle but he is still getting his food and That is the most important thing, Soon he will learn to defend for himself.


    Many of you are disturbed by the animal behavior exhibited by our two new eaglets. The older and larger sibling, B4, is aggressively targeting the younger sibling, B5, and preventing him from eating. We see that B5 is looking smaller and weaker and is unable to compete for food. This is very typical animal behavior and, while difficult to watch, is a perfec...t example of wild animal activity. We don't know the outcome of this sibling behavior but we can tolerate it better if we understand it. B4 is acting completely out of instinct...the instinct to survive.

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  4. Lowrider, they all ready have a commercial for that pill. Something about if you don't use protection, take the pill right after sex and it can stop pregnancy. I forget how the commercial exactly goes.


    I think commercials are getting a little to free with this stuff. It should be left to parents to teach their children, but then again, the other side of my face believes a little outside help doesn't hurt to get the information home. But, not the way they are going at it right now with the commercials. Part of me feels they are just about promoting sex.

    Dana, thank you for asking. I'm doing okay. Lost all my hair, and I have another infusion this Friday. Chemo sucks let me tell you.

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  5. What ever the problem is, it had to do with the old commission regime. Has nothing to do with the new guys. The stop work order is because too much has not had oversight for way too long. The county administrators weren't doing their jobs............they overlooked what the GOBs were doing.


    I love how people want to blame the guys who haven't even had a chance to have a meeting yet.


    This has to do with the Commissioners focus being on the airport and the H*ll with all other goings on in the county. Including the Sheriff's training facility being put on the back burner for the enitre year (maybe longer)!


    Wake up people, Tony and Vernon have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with what happened in 2014. They weren't even officially commissioners until January 2, 2015!


    Get your facts straight before you start laying blame where it doesn't belong. Put the blame where it belongs........


    Quit repeating stupid stuff you don't know anything about!!

    You know dang well, the BOC have their hand in EVERYTHING, whether they are old/new members.

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  6. Yes I took that picture.


    As for me, they canceled the surgery for the port last week because I ended up with an infection in the breast that had the surgery. I'm on two different antibiotics. Today was suppose to be my first chemo, but that was canceled also. They are trying for the surgery of the port next Monday. I'm so over this bullcheeze. (Sorry for the language, just being honest.)

  7. Went to my first Radiation consultation today.


    I have to have 4 months of Chemo and 1 month of radiation.


    The doctor said that my breast cancer is an aggressive kind BUT curable. :) :) :)


    Very happy for that part. CURABLE.


    Any hoot, I can't remember if I mentioned about the pain pills and what they gave me when I wanted my Demerol and she wouldn't give it to me and gave me Deladid (sp). That stuff sucks. Well, the radiation doctor finally gave me my Demerol. I know my body and I know what works. I had to take the every 4 hours. If that stuff is suppose to be stronger than Demerol, they are crazy, but that stuff didn't do anything for me.


    Well peeps, you think I'm on the way back to being me???? After all, I'm complaining. LMBO!!!

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  8. As you all know, I had breast cancer surgery a week ago today. I went to the doctors today, they didn't remove the drain, so I have to have it in until Tuesday.


    The next set of appointments are the oncologist doctor, and then a radiation doctor. The cancer ended up being state IIIA, because it went to my lymph nodes in my armpit.


    I wanted to stop by and let you all know what is going on. I want to take this time and thank everyone for your kind words, prayers, love for me. You guys are wonderful, and your kind words have lifted me up.


    Have a wonderful weekend, PEACE OUT!

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  9. The biopsy on my left breast came out benign.


    They said I had stage two cancer but now on the papers it said, Stage 3A because it spread to the lymph nodes. Oh well, it's gone, and I can move on.


    I don't know when radiation starts, I'm not looking forward to that at all, since I have to go every day for 30 days, because they won't give you the bubble (can't think of the right name) when you have cancer in the nodes. I will find out everything when I go back to the surgeon sometime next week.


    Thank you everyone, you guys are wonderful for the prayers, love, and standing by me.

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  10. You can always tell them apart because the mother is A LOT bigger than the father and she is the dominate one. Also, the father looks like he has more eye liner around his eyes than the mother. Mother also favors her right foot.


    He was bringing her gifts of fish and other foods when he was courting her. Even thou some think eagles once they come together they will stay together. No, if the female feels the male isn't doing enough, she will boot him out, and find another partner. Thank gawd, this isn't happening with our Berry Eagles. They are perfect for each other.


    I feel the nest has to many sticks on one side, and the middle is small compare to what it was at the beginning of the year for B3.

    I was hoping they would even out the sticks and make the middle bigger. I just hope they don't leave the nest for next time, and find another tree to build a new nest.


    When I'm all healed and Radiation is all done, I hope to make it up to Berry College to see them.

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