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  1. This meat was very thin and tough. But It is the first day. Hopefully they will make some improvements, if not they wont make it.
  2. Well I had the new york strip hibachi with vegetables to go. The meat was very tough and the only vegetable was about 3 mushrooms. It was 8.95 I think. The food was not good to me. I can look past the service being its was the first day but I will not go back based on food alone.
  3. Really not worth going. I know that it was the first day of business but aside form them having 5 people trying to figure out the register (taking literally 20 minutes to order my to g o food) and the unorganization of it all. that the food wasn't great either. If you try it please let me know how it goes for you because I paid $10 for lunch that just got trashed and that didnt even include my drink.
  4. I was approached by the same woman with the exact same story in the Kroger parking lot on Ridge rd on 12/17 and told her to meet me at the gas station. She quickly picked got into the passenger seat of an older brown 4 door civic rolled her window down and said her uncle mike was wiring her money. There was a young girl driving and a man with a hoodie on in the backseat made me so mad
  5. Commercial Electric company looking to hire journeyman electricians, who are willing to travel, and have own transportation. Let me know if this or someone you know would be interested. 770-439-0994 ext 2128 M-F 8-5
  6. I was told by someone that Publix in New Hope had a fire. If so how bad?
  7. I have thought about this family since the first time I read this and it breaks my heart in 2! My thoughts and prayers are with them. Please keep updating.
  8. Love it!! I just dont understand how some of those coach's could leave their infants for an entire summer :-)
  9. Man of the house would like to wait it out, my kids want their tv! So we will probably switching very very soon.
  10. So sorry for your loss! His dad used to work at the sheriffs dept and was a good friend of my ex husbands. My prayers are with you.
  11. They are excellent but I was just up there last night, and he said no they don't deliver:( House of Lu and they are not real good (Just my opinion)
  12. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your son. I can't imagine being left like that:-( It's heartbreaking,
  13. She was a great lady and friend, she will be missed
  14. This lady has been pulling this scam for a while. Last year she came to me and my baby at Sav-a-ton in Dallas telling me a story about her kids wouldn't feed her and they drove all her gas out ans hse couldn't make it home. I offered to put $5.00 worth of gas in her car and another stranger saw me doing it for her and pumped it for her. I then left there and went to the Mcdonald's drive thru for my son and she drove up next to me telling me she was hungry so I bought her a hamburger. I then followed her to Food Lion parking lot where she was asking other people for money then went into the sto
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