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  1. The post were unintentionally removed, they will be restore.
  2. http://paulding.com/forum/index.php/topic/295072-god-has-been-sighted/page__pid__3722338#entry3722338
  3. It wasn't shut down, it was moved. And it wasn't moved for the use of the word GOD but more for the reference in which it was used.Carry on with your conversation and have a good day in mayberry!
  4. It was moved to paulding place.
  5. This is an old topic therefore I am closing it.
  6. Stop acting so jealous, Clara.
  7. It would be Mr Tattle Tale who runs to Andy when I'm just trying to have a little fun. OK. A helluva lotta fun. Don't you have a rummage sale to tend to? Hey, Bug Un. Ain't seen you around these parts in a while.
  8. Let's keep to the topic guys. If you would like to discuss politics. We have a forum for you to hash it out there. I will let the two posts stand for now but anything further will be moved and/or edited to stay on topic.
  9. I'm going to bed! Even us Mods have to sleep sometime!
  10. You know the TONK hasn't seen any action lately!!
  11. nighty night LPPT Go get your beauty rest
  12. I'm a meat person myself. I like steaks, nothing like a good steak...... unless it's a really good steak wrapped in bacon!!!
  13. I LOVE pecan pie!! No joke all smothered in cool whip. YUM!!!
  14. How what is going? I'm still waiting on my dang Hamburger!!
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