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  1. If you had read all the comments you would see it is not about me. and they have only been at this church for a year or less now.
  2. You get it! Thank you! I just want to be here for her and support her decisions
  3. It was a question. And no its not MY marriage. I hate to see someone I love going through this. I am staying out of it. this was just to see how people would answer isn't that what this forum is for also?
  4. This is one couple I thought would always be together. Nothing would come between them and now this.
  5. Its a he.. and not sure.. this isn't about me. Just wondering if he needs a quick stiff kick in the ass to get his mind right and save his marriage.
  6. Should a person give up his church to save his marriage is what I am getting at.
  7. spouse chooses the church over you. You disagree with things the church is doing. your spouse is never excited to be home only at church. He or she chooses sacrificing your marriage to stay at the church.
  8. Understandable. Say you been happily married to someone for over 20 years. Your spouse and you go to a church. Your spouse chooses that church over you. What would you do? Should you stay or go..should your spouse choose you?
  9. Marriage together. Would you give up your friends, church, habits..etc. Things like that. Would you be willing to fight for your marriage?
  10. Don't blame the school system on how kids behave. When admins. try to discipline kids or teens the parents don't back them up..they side with the kid ( MY dear child would never do that attitude). Or they threaten to sue the county. Parenting starts and ends at home! First and fore most that is where it lies. I always stood beside my child but backed up the teacher or admin when they said my child did something. I got both sides and dealt with my child the way they should be dealt with. My kids are good kids but sometimes their mouths caused trouble and they got in trouble for that. Hold
  11. sounds the same we use some toast, seasoned croutons in ours, we don't saute our onions or celery though. It is really good to also have broth and pour some over while it is backing if it looks like it is too dry. Oh and we put chicken meat in ours, and use that broth. We also use an egg.
  12. Scam! You are on a diet also, you will loose weight but if you just ate what it says to eat you will loose it anyway. Don't do it!
  13. Fire department and forestry trucks where out there the other day..wonder if that had anything to do with this fire? Praying for the family that lost a home and hopefully all is safe.
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