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  1. I have windows 8 and hate it. I am going to take my lap top to a guy off Sugarloaf Pkwy and he will put windows 7 on it for 40 dollars. I thought I could make do with windows 8 but I do not even use a I phone, still use a flip phone.
  2. Fox 5 says that 4 suspects have been caught
  3. Dad buried the egg but Mom got it back out. She is not ready to give up yet. B3 (the chick as Berry calls it) has really grown. This is really a cool site and great for any classroom.
  4. I never plant anything until Good Friday. That is the way the old farmers always did it. I can remember having snow at Easter. If you plant seeds now they will not come up till the soil get warm enough. I do have cold weather crops that are doing well. Collards and cabbage love this weather.
  5. I have my idea that the armies will be made smaller and when something happens the govt. will start up the draft again. That will be the only way they will be able to get the bodies they will need. In the years past they have used the National Guard from each state to boost when needed. Now the Feds want to reduce the number of National Guard has in each state. All I can say is if they do have the draft again it should be equal, meaning male and female.
  6. I know if you go to the teacher and staff and let them know what the problems are they will do their best to help. For my son who was just a picky eater, I would send soup in a thermos. Salads with the dressing in a small Tupperware bowl. There are so many new items now to make taking a lunch so easy. There are a lot of cereals that your daughter could eat that are not any higher in cost. My grandsons love almond milk, have you tried it. Sending her food to eat each day may take a little time but should not cost any more than regular food. You will also need to teach her to not eat food that o
  7. She was feeding bobble head #1 about 30 mins ago. The egg still looks the same. If it has not hatched by Sun. the bird guy at Berry said it won't. The parents will leave the egg in the nest till it falls apart. We have chickens and sometimes chicks will hatch out for 3 to 4 days apart but not after that. Chicks can go 3 to 4 days when born with out food or water, that is how they are able to be shipped in the mail.
  8. The school did not make her take a sandwich, it was what was offered. If you need your daughter to have a special diet, why not pack her lunch each day. Fix her breakfast in the mornings before she goes to school or pack something she likes to eat at that time. It is important that the parents teach their children what food they should eat but most important what they should NOT eat. There is no way that a lunchroom worker or even a teacher can watch what each student eats. A good example is where a student brings a peanut cookie and sits next to a student who can not have peanuts. I hope the
  9. I feel for anyone who has to give away a family member (which is what I think of my pets). What I do not understand is the fact that she is asking $500 for the dogs. English Bulldogs that are 6 years old are in their late years. She says that her vet says the dogs are in good health that is great but knowing friends with this breed I do know that as they get older they start to have many problems. She should look for someone who is willing to take on her two babies and the cost that these dogs will bring. The oldest I know of this breed is 8 years. There was one that lived to be 10 years. I h
  10. Couple of years ago I handed out w-2s to everyone at work. One woman had only paid in around 350 dollars in fed taxes. Later she told me that she was getting back 3200 dollars from the feds. It really ticked me off because hubby and I were getting back almost nothing and believe me we had paid in a lot. She lives with a boy friend and says she will not be married because it would mess up all the govt. special deals (she calls them) that she gets. Food stamps, welfare for each kid, as long as they are in school and low income credit for housing and free cell phones for her kids. Know wonder peo
  11. Looking for the eggs to hatch this weekend. Hope the storm tonight does not hurt them. Was watching the web cam when the owl attacked. I yelled and my husband came running into the room. At the time we did not know what had attacked her. I was glad that someone had been able to record what had happened. Have gotten into the habit of watching the eagles the first thing in the morning and the last thing I do at night. So easy to get hooked on.
  12. I saw on TV were family and family friends wanted justice for the little 1 year old baby girl that was beaten to death by her mother and mother's boyfriend. My question is where were all these people for the 6 months that this baby was being beaten? Where was the father? It is time for people to start standing up for these children who can not speak up for their self. If you see anything that sends up that red flag or makes you even think something is wrong tell someone else. Maybe they have seen the same thing and then do something. Even if you are wrong you will not be one of those who are a
  13. Last night we were at the farm in Toccoa, not far from SC. I thought I was going crazy. Was sitting in my chair with my laptop on my lap when my chair started to shake. I yelled at my husband that my chair was shaking. He came over but by then it had stopped. I could not understand why my chair had been shaking it was scary. There was no reason a chair should shake, was it a spook , or was I maybe having a some kind of medical problem. It was really scary. Boy was I glad we watched the 11pm news. Who would of thought an "Earthquake".
  14. Many school systems are still having winter break. What some are doing is having school on 2 teacher work days and using 3 spring break days. I do not like the idea of adding 15 or 20 min to the school day. Students should have quality learning time.
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