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  1. Some of the stores in the shopping center have security cameras. Perhaps police could ask to check their cameras.
  2. SOLD! If someone can delete this please. Thank you!
  3. Sun vision pro 24s wolf system model 71112100w. Sorry, won't let me attach pics but I can text or email them if interested.
  4. I didn't read through all the comments but could it be your laundry detergent that you suddenly. Incense stick to I know myself I cannot use Tide detergent I itch all over
  5. I am wanting so sell a few items and would like to know the best membership I should buy. Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. We had an s4 jack fixed at the place near Hooter's on 278 for $40.00
  7. Thanks we plan to attempt it tonight and now see they are delayingndelaying it until 8am tonight.
  8. I saw the Felix lights a couple of years ago and I am thinking of going again. However, I am wondering if anyone knows if you can park outside the subdivision and walk in? Or is it too far to walk? I mainly remember sitting in traffic a very long time. I guess I could drive by one morning to see but right now I'm not exactly sure which subdivision it is. However, I can Google it or one of you nice people might tell me. Thanks!
  9. There were riots in Atlanta after Rodney King!!!
  10. I was sitting in all the traffic at 7pm. There was a wreck or something at nebo and McClung. They had someone laid out on the street. And then once past that it was still stand still traffic heading towards dallas nebo. 2 flatbed wreckers passed with wrecked vehicles on them. Bad night out there for some reason.
  11. don't know if it's related or not but right as I got to the Walmart at 930, 3 police cars heading on 120 toward 278 with lights on one was Douglas County.
  12. Gumbeauxs in Douglasville yum yum Oh yeah...to nite is steak night at Rodneys yummy also
  13. Oh no, I have indoor cats also.
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