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  1. This has been a problem for years. I do drive a Bus and used to have this Sub. The kids are all over the place and hold up cars trying to come or go. When this happened if you will recall it was very dark and time to pick up little ones going to Roberts. The Bus ( as all kids are told) has a danger zone. . . . areas that things like mail boxes,cars and kids are not seen. The child had no business playing games around the Bus. What else do you call it, it wasnt his time to be at the stop and even if he was just being early. . . .what. . .he doesnt have enough sense to use caution where cars and
  2. Congraduations. . . .I saw his picture this morning on the way to school. . . .he's beautiful!!
  3. So sorry for your loss( Trisha,and boy's)........i admired him for his strength during his battle........and i pray for peace and courage during the hard times facing you and your family.....please know there are soooo many here that love and are able to help in any way you need,no questions asked. This community is a strong and supportive group that i know keeps you in their prayers daily. God bless you and your family.......and may Lane live strong thru your boy's and memories. RIP Lane........and may God be with you till we meet again.
  4. That was beautifully said.....what a wonderful woman......how blessed those were to have know her!!!R.I.P. Mrs. Faye and peace to all that will miss her.
  5. just when i think i have it bad i get on here........read alittle and then thank god for what i do have........i pray the good lord gives them the strenght to carry on with all that is involved and gives them some peace of mind that this prescious little spirit is with our lord. so so sad
  6. you know that name isn't very common........sorry for the high jack but my maiden name is Kruse and I haven't ran into very many.....i wonder if we were related somehow?????? does anyone know where her family is from????(here or another state?)
  7. I didn't know her as well as I would have liked...and have taken the family dinners on occasion.....but what I did know of her was indeed a blessing. I pray, that I if faced with the life challenges that she was ,that I would remain as gracious,strong and faithful as she. When I would think of and pray for her I realized my problems were ones that I'am sure she would have taken on without a blink of an eye....and thoughts of her now make me a stronger person!!Rest in peace dear sister.....may God be with you till we meet again.
  8. I can't even begin to imagine....may they somehow find peace in knowing this precious baby is with our Lord.
  9. so sorry to hear of your loss......but the Lord sent her here on a mission and has now called her home.....and by the sounds of it her mission was a success. No one truly knows the right thing to say about right now but i really believe that one day it will be revealed to you her true purpose. She was absolutely beautiful.........but what i saw when i saw her picture was a loving spirit.....how wonderful to have been a part of her life even be it a short time.........not everyone has the privilege to be touched by an angel and realize it until later on down the road......you were truly blessed
  10. Now i do remember hearing something on the 2way about a student using her cell and not putting it away quickly.........they know the bus rules...they just refuse to use them......like no eating or drinking on the bus!!!!today i have to get down on my knees and scrap ground in candy off the floor of my bus and hand mop it since we can't use a hose on it.......i would love to pass this task off on one of my little darlings but don't know who did it plus mom might get mad at me even if i did know who!
  11. very scary no matter how seasoned you are.......i had a kid once on my bus sneak a sucker......he wanted it really bad and knew he wasn't suppose to eat it on the bus...for many reasons. i look up....he's turning colors and all the kids around him are acting strange........well he choked on that sucker and it was stuck good and deep!!!!!!i saw the stick and thank god for that stick......thats really what saved the boy because i don't know that i could have gotten it without breaking ribs. sometimes you have no idea what's choking them....i got lucky with a stick. i truly appreciate the work al
  12. Well..... i can't help you with that one but before i opened this subject up i thought it was maybe my bus......my kids were trying to get the cars behind me to read their notes pressed against the window.......something really bad iam sure........then they were play fighting throwing pretend blows thinking their all cute.......OMG...i honestly had to talk myself out of just going back to school with these kids. But we made it home in one piece and the last kid on my bus said.....let's not do this again tomorrow......with that i had to laugh........iam sure Halloweeen had all to do with it bec
  13. My middle schoolers where off the hook today........i love them all but today i would have tard and feathered them......they were very bad........but i pick my battles and between the weather..the moon....it's almost friday....and the fact that their middle schoolers says it all!!! a bus driver does what a bus driver must do......i have never been fortunate enough to return to school and no one answers the phone......i think they all hit the door running as soon as the last bus leaves......but i have found that giving them a good tongue lashing while their still half asleep during the next mor
  14. As a bus driver of many years i don't drive anywhere when there's a question of is or isn't it safe......if i don't think it's safe then i'am not driving it. they can bring me a spare and i will just run alittle late that day and feel good about it knowing that i chose the safe way out.
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