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  1. Bless his heart and may God give his family peace. I will keep his family in my prayers, suicide is a hard thing especially for those who remain. What are you referring to mysterious?
  2. I have heard one, I live off bob hunton, but haven't seen one yet. It sounded like it came front the big empty pasture on bh, between the willows and fate fuller. There is a pond and stream, plenty of food for those big kitties. I saw one dead, hit by a car, on Barrett Pkwy between burnt hickory rd and stilesboro, last year. It was a small to medium sized kitty.
  3. Actually no instructions just call me next time you put them to use, so I can see how well they blockaho
  4. I'd like instructions fbbc- I need to become a member of the blockaho tribe
  5. How sad. I hate it when anyone feels there is nothing left here for them and that is the only option. Breaks my heart.
  6. I hope it was nothing like a suicide. I will be interested to see wht it was/is if I ever can. I'm right around the 4way stop so I'm not too far.
  7. The house on Ridge across from Friendship ch rd is taped off with crime scene tape and lots of EMS present. Any clue what is happening? a friend and fellow pcommer lives down that way.
  8. Clyde Cole is off Nebo right? I'm off Bob Hunton. I was in the shower at around that time, something set the dogs off while I was in there, I figured it was the idiots across the street but I'm betting it was this! I wonder wth it was.
  9. When I was looking with a friend for a florist to do her wedding we went to a place in my hometown and the portfolio the place broke out was FULL of dead folks!! Not just the arrangements, the dead folks and the flowers! We left promptly after me complaining of how utterly tasteless and inappropriate it was. I lost a baby about 7.5 yrs ago, when looking for grief resources I came across many many blogs and sites full of dead infants. I also know people who have pics of their dead infants all over their Facebook, on the birthday, e death anniversary, Christmas, any holiday you can think of
  10. I wish I knew especially with the motorcycle wreck.
  11. I saw one in Hiram involving a motorcycle, did not look good. As I was coming home from South Paulding a fire rescue ambulance came FLYING through the intersection at Bob Hunton and Ridge heading towards 61. They already had gloves on too. I'm glad I'm home now, roads are crazy today.
  12. I was blessed enough to know Randy and Kristin through my husband, who has known Randy a long time. Then by chance Kristin was my sons OT as well, she was pregnant with Regan when he aged out. I love those two so much. They are such a blessing to so many, and little Regan was too, still is. She taught us all to smile more, laugh more, Ans me more faithful to God. They will need prayers for a long time as they find a new normal. They are blessed with a wonderful family, church family, and friends who will keep the prayers and support going I know, but prayers can do wonders
  13. My sweet lil punkin touched so many lives. She was an amazing child, with amazing parents. I know they appreciate the prayers.
  14. Love u my sweet lil punkin, I'll see you soon!
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