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Highway 278 and Old Harris Road.


Need rescue. One occupant (female) still in vehicle. She is not entrapped, but the officer wants to keep her in the vehicle because she is complaining of back pain.


Med 6 on scene, requesting Emory Flight.


Now they say they do have entrapment. Cancel Emory Flight.

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thanks to all of you. Yep I'm wonderful was actually ok and VERY Lucky and surrounded by my guardian angels. I had 4 cuts on my hands, 1 on my elbow, and one on my leg where they had to bust the passengers window to get me out. Thank God I was by myself. All my stuff went out my back window, and my doggie wasn't with me. His food was and was all over 278. He now resides in a seat belt when he rides in the car. I know, a little crazy, but he's my baby. The bottom of my seat was in the shape of a V. And yes gail-e-spaz, there needs to be a traffic light there BADLY.

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