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Iran killed one too many US Citizens in Iraq and we caught the man responsible while he was in Iraq. (note:  NO attack on Iran has happened, he was in IRAQ planning the attacks)

Iraq did a face saving "vote" to evict us, then freaked out when one of the marine commands agreed to leave. 

Iran got their hand slapped and have done a face saving "attack" sending missiles that hit nothing into another country. 

However, you know Iraq is not going to attempt to retaliate, so should be back to business as usual terrorist attacks in Iraq soon.  


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Unless you call a pea shooter taking on an F-16, war; there won't be any war. Iran's military capabilities are quite limited and archaic in comparison to ours, and their personnel are not in the same league as our troops.

Not to say there aren't concerns, but this will only go so far.  Any terror attacks from them would be handled very differently from most because in this case they would be state sponsored and Iran would be held directly accountable.


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