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Paulding County Sheriff's Department

Official 10-Code Directory, ..

10-0 Caution

10-1 Unable to copy-Change location

10-2 Signal Good

10-3 Stop Transmitting

10-4 Acknowledge (OK)

10-5 Relay

10-6 Busy, Unless Urgent

10-7 Out of Service

10-8 In Service

10-9 Repeat

10-10 Fight/Disorder Reported

10-11 Dog Case

10-12 Stand-by (Stop)

10-13 Weather/Road Report

10-14 Prowler Report

10-15 Burglary

10-16 Domestic Problem

10-17 Armed Robbery

10-18 Quickly

10-19 Return to ________

10-20 Location

10-21 Call ___ by Phone

10-22 Disregard

10-23 Arrived at Scene

10-24 Completed Last Assignment

10-25 Report In Person (meet)

10-26 Phone Residence

10-27 Drivers License Information Request

10-28 Vehicle Registration Information Request

10-29 Check Stolen/Wanted

10-30 Unnecessary Use of Radio

10-31 Crime in Progress

10-32 Suspect with Firearms


10-34 Riot

10-35 Person Down

10-36 Correct Time

10-37 Investigate Suspicious Person/Vehicle

10-38 Stopping Suspicious Person/Vehicle

10-39 Resume Normal Operations

10-40 Unattended Death

10-41 Beginning Tour of Duty

10-42 Ending Tour of Duty

10-43 Murder Reported

10-44 Suicide Attempt

10-45 Suicide Compete

10-46 Assist Motorist

10-47 Pick-up Personal Belongings


CODE 48 Deceased person USED BY MEDICS

10-49 Speeding Auto

10-50 Accident

10-50-I Accident with Injuries

10-51 Wrecker Needed

10-52 Ambulance Needed

10-53 Road Blockage

10-54 Livestock/Carcass on Road

10-55 Intoxicated Driver

10-56 Intoxicated Perdestrian

10-57 Hit and Run

10-58 Direct Traffic

10-59 Convoy or Escort

10-60 Shooting

10-61 Stabbing/ person with knife

10-62 Threats

10-63 Prepare to make written copy

10-64 Traffic Stop

10-65 Mechanical Breakdown

10-66 Clear for 10-99 Traffic

10-67 Rape

10-68 Dispatch Information

10-69 Message Received

10-70 Fire

10-71 Theft by Taking

10-72 Gas Drive-Off

10-73 Harassing Phone Calls

10-74 Negative

10-75 In Contact with ____

10-76 En Route

10-77 Estimated Time of Arrival

10-78 Need Assistance

10-79 Notify Coroner

10-80 Chase in Progress

10-81 Give Location and Status

10-82 Hysterical, Emotional or Upset Person

10-83 School Traffic

10-84 Special Detail

10-85 Missing Person/Runaway

10-86 Officer/Operator on Duty

10-87 Plane Crash

10-88 Present Telephone Number of ____

10-89 Bomb Threat-CODE RED

10-90 Alarm

10-91 Pickup Prisoner/Suspect

10-92 Improperly Parked Vehicle(s)

10-93 911 Hangup Call

10-94 Drag Racing

10-95 Prisoner/Suspect in Custody

10-96 Mental Suspect

10-97 Welfare Check

10-98 Jail/Prison Break

10-99 Warrant/Stolen Indicated

10-100 SWAT Emergency

10-101 Damage to Property

10-102 Loud Party

10-103 ATV Disturbance

10-104 Unable to Locate

10-105 Firearm Discharge

10-106 Deliver Emergency Message

10-107 Garbage/Litter Report

10-108 Patient Transfer

10-109 Drugs

A-Growing Marijuana

B-Possible Drugs in Vehicle

C-Possible Drugs in Residence

10-110 Juvenile



C-Possible Abuse


Number Codes...

1-Handle Routinely

2-Handle Without Delay

3-Emergency7Out at Gas Pumps


5 Aggravated Situation - Send Backup

6M-Meal Break

7- Out at Gas Pumps

10 Out at ________

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If ya'll were real pcom scanner fans of RRR (like me) :wub: you would copy and paste it on a landscape doc, 4 columns, size 9 font - so it all fits on one easy to read page -saved on my desktop. lol - till I learn more of the codes that is.


thanks for the update RRR and the doc format Seal :D


10-4 over and out ;)

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A few notes (for anyone interested)...



I was looking at this list and noticed a few things different then what I remember when I was employed there.

For anyone not familiar, "traffic" means what the officers or dispatchers say on the radio.


10-1 means that the radio "traffic" was unable to be copied (understood). I have never heard it used to mean "change location".


10-3 is usually used with 10-33 to mean that any officer not involved with the current emergency situation should either hold their traffic or transmit on another channel.


10-13 is a weather report but is also used in reference to a Form 1013, which is used for "commiting" a subject for mental evaluation.


10-35 was still listed as a Burglary in Progress when I left a couple of months ago. As far as I know, it is not "person down". I do know that it was rarely used.


10-37 simply means suspicious.


10-39 specifically means that normal radio traffic can be resumed.


There is no such thing as Code 48. It is Signal 48 and as far as I know is the only "signal" that Paulding County uses. It does mean deceased.


10-78 is supposed to be used as Officer Needs Assistance but some of the dispatchers use it differently,


10-81 is a status check. It has never been used to ask for a location.


10-85 means "delayed due to _____"


10-100 - well, it has been a few months since I worked there but in the 4 years I was employed there, I can never remember using this 10 code. However, I am pretty sure that it does not mean "SWAT Emergency". If or when I remember what it means, I will add a post...


As for Codes, the entire time I was employed there, there were only 3 codes. They are as follows:


Code 5: call holding (no officer available to respond) or holding for a backup unit (one unit enroute but needs a second unit when available)

Code 6: out of vehicle

Code 6M (or sometimes simply "6M"): meal break

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Also any info on EmoryFlight freqs? Unfortunately they seem to be out here a lot lately.


I'm not sure that you will be able to listen to Emory Flight or Rescue Air. I believe they are unlike regular EMS and ambulance traffic, which have seperate radio systems to call into the ER's. I think that their communications will direct patch into the ER's for updated patient status reports... which is (as often as possible) kept confidential due to HIPPA, same as all EMS reports to ER's.

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