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  2. WELCOME Beach_comber stillacanesfsan jhonsnow asnjcorp We "U" and We need YOU! Welcome and Enjoy!
  3. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dallas, Georgia, September 18, 2020 – As Paulding County’s population continues to grow so does demand for Emergency Medical Service. Today, PCFD announced the commission of a new EMS Division, which will focus on meeting the rapidly increasing emergency medical needs of its citizens. Battalion Chief Timothy King, a 25-year veteran of PCFD, and an experienced Paramedic, has been promoted to lead the newly formed Division. Chief King, who assumes his new duties on October 19th, is tasked to enhance Paulding Fire’s medical response capabilities and to improve t
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  5. Hope you can make it to the Produce Giveaway!!
  6. Sounds like you are trying to start something. Sounds like you are a keyboard ninja. You must be a snow flake. If you don't like it then you don't have to post. Please go ask your mom for a new video game and go back to the basement.
  7. You are talking about that democrat! Hell no! He supports the democrat party and they are a bunch of godless people. They think it is ok to abort a baby 8 months In they think its ok to support criminals and celebrate them. They think its ok for pedophile people to spend less time in jail than a drug dealer. Democrats are the scum of the earth and have a one way ticket to hell.
  8. We are small business owners wanting to make a positive impact in the Paulding county Community. This site was relaunched to reach more Paulding county on a smaller level not to be censored but keeping it positive. The Golden Rule. I would be glad to come by and introduce myself.
  9. I think you know nothing about Who the “New” Owners really are.
  10. Hello All, I am looking for a virtual assistant to work home. Need to be proficient in excell, word, and e-sign platforms. Will need to sort and filter through large county property excel files, extracting desired properties, Create Word templates, and send and receive e-sign documents. Please call/text 404-271-7945 or email mikefarmer.1@gmail.com Thanks Mike
  11. The "WE" Are Paulding.com team or whatever they call it sounds like the team is made up of old people who probably don't know a thing how PCom works.
  12. This forum is still confusing.... Maybe pubby should retake over?
  13. Date: Saturday, September 5th Time: 12pm and 3pm Location: White Oak Park. Pavilion at the back of the park. Please look for the 4H signs. This meeting will be for Paulding County students, 5th grade to 12th grade, with an interest in joining the Paulding County 4-H Archery team. We will be going over practice and competition dates/times and places. We will also be providing a general overview of expectation for how our season will happen this year. In order to comply with the current guidelines for holding a group gathering, we will b
  14. Thanks for the free mask! I wore it while visiting Midtown Atlanta. The associate who was welcoming visitors as they entered the World of Coca-Cola asked me what Paulding.com is. Here's a selfie while at the GA Aquarium:
  15. Member November Rain wearing a P'com face mask while visiting the GA Aquarium
  16. Just wanted to update everyone regarding my original post. Where there's smoke...... The renters, two doors down have been arrested for distributing drugs. Apparently they tried to sell to one of the neighborhood children. I'm not really one to gloat about being correct, but I did want to bring it to your attention that you might want to be more vigilant in your own community. Oddly enough, one of the respondents above pointed out the that FedEx operator was likely self-employed. You were right. Anyone want to take a stab at where the drugs were located? So most o
  17. Antivitarte wins! Apparently the absolutely annoying robo calls were for zilch. What a waste of funds and an intrusion of privacy. Of course certain political parties don't seem to mind wasting funds as long as someone else foots the bill like taxpayers for instance.
  18. Cases of COVID being on the rise in Georgia is a myth. We had one small spike, coincidentally starting just after the rioting, and we've been back below the magic line for a month now. Even with the increased testing. Here is the real story. https://rt.live/us/GA Remember that it's an election year, folks. The current level of propaganda is bad.
  19. bucky, I agree 100% with you!!! https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2020/08/05/viral-photo-crowded-georgia-high-school-hallway-lacks-context-superintendent-says/ https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/06/us/north-paulding-high-school-coronavirus-georgia.html
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