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  1. Check Your Lottery Tickets! Dallas Retailer Sells $167K Lottery Ticket, Prize Unclaimed A lucky winner of the jackpot, which is well over $160,000, purchased their ticket in Dallas. Nobody has come forward yet. Read The Rest Of The Story Here!
  2. Mrshoward, I know Blunt Trauma was in here Aug. 12. Answered a question for me in the thread "Georgia Insurance Commissioner wants board members' resignations" .
  3. I agree! It is a beautiful day, a little hot, but beautiful!
  4. That is a really beautiful picture!
  5. Caped Crusader, did you take the above picture?
  6. Yeah, the mosquitos are bad this time of the year!
  7. I don't see the mosquito? Is it in one of the cloud formations, or are you referring to something else? .
  8. The beautifully orange/pinkish colored sky!
  9. Thanks for offering up that option.
  10. I want to comment on this, but what if the conversation turns political, and/or gets out of hand?
  11. Well, this certainly should be of interest to just about "everyone" in the county. But, the actual meeting doesn't start until about 27:20. Thanks Caped Crusader for posting!
  12. Thanks LPPT and Blunt Trauma! I think I understand a bit more now! But does the Georgia Underwriting Association play a role in our health insurance, also? (I am still unclear on that) I was kinda thinking they were just connected to property insurance.
  13. Insurance is really confusing to me. All I really understand is that I have to pay premiums, and they sure have been going up a lot in recent years.
  14. LPPT, what does the Georgia Underwriting Association do exactly, anyway?
  15. I haven't ever visited this site, but I am curious about it now. However, one of the things that I always loved about Pcom is that is had people of all views, and helped me to understand "both" sides of the issues, a little better. Kinda kept it more balanced.
  16. Thanks I will go check it out! I wrote it down in case it gets edited.
  17. I don't know of any other forum.
  18. I am hoping that they will change their minds about a political forum.............over time, maybe? Maybe after we learn to be more respectful to each other?
  19. Remember a time, before talking about politics became so popular? ............and people just got along? I think that is what they are after. Of course, for us political forum addicts, that is going to be hard to adjust to!! Maybe we need a political recovery forum. LOL! Like going to AA meetings. Where we can all go to learn how to be nice to those who have different political views than ourselves.
  20. CitizenCain, I honestly don't think this was an attempt to shut down any political views, but rather to stop all the angry feelings and bickering. I think you would probably agree that it was getting out of hand, at times.
  21. Caped Crusader, I love the idea of everyone following the Golden Rule! But, shouldn't it be applied with some flexibility? On its surface, it seems like such a simple and obvious rule to follow. And at the same time, it also seems like it could be a bit complicated and complex to apply, (at all times). Although, we are all very much alike, we are all very much different at the same time. Will people be afraid that maybe they don't know exactly what this means, because they don't know how another wants to be treated? Or, maybe some were never treated well themselves, and don't have a total understanding of how to treat others? Couldn't this make people a bit afraid, nervous, and reluctant to express themselves? Here is an article that kind of explains this better. https://www.headspace.com/blog/2017/10/30/golden-rule-wrong/
  22. A single word is an extremely "narrow" definition of who anyone really is.
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