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  1. I know in our neck of the woods we just asked if they could patrol more. Now I see the sheriffs office in and out maybe 5/6 times a day now.
  2. until
    Drawing ends in less than a week.$75 value.
  3. I can taste the steak now. Medium rare A1 sauce with a loaded baked potato and salad. Yum Yum. With extra extra butter
  4. I believe East Paulding high has a body shop. maybe some of the seniors are looking for apprentice work or part time work.
  5. Want to give a big THANK YOU to Jacob Durden at Hardy GMC. Jacob supplied great service on selling me a 2020 Silverado. Thanks to Jacob and Thank you for your service for this country.
  6. I do not know why I watch football anymore. It seems like they want to bubble wrap the players. Nascar is the same way. I guess I will switch to hockey.
  7. One of the biggest differences will be there will be no bias. The politics will be password protected so there will be a choice to what you want to see and not to see. The people I have chatted with LOVED Paulding.com at one time it was the place to go. Politics got in the way. Time will heal hurt feelings.We are working on a new lay out. Even today talking through the past has gotten people to start healing old wounds. so if we are going to have a discussion? who do you think is going to win the college national championship?
  8. Im a newbie but I am here. I only go way back to 2019 on Paulding.com. But I have been in Paulding since a few months before blizzard of 1993.
  9. We are in a ever changing world. Things change even when we do not want them to. The team of 9 is not the old group that were.Paulding.com will one day be that one stop for all info again. I understand people has hurt feelings from the past. Time to move forward . Lady Raider you being on here today means there is hope in this sight. Meaning thank you for not abandoning ship.
  10. I did not know the old way Paulding.com.looked. I do know life is always moving forward. Can't change the past. And it is always easier to find the fault in things instead of the good.
  11. Those are great suggestions. You were unbanned that should be a positive. Maybe you should inbox the team of 9. I'm sure they would be interested in your thoughts. Have you looked at the new politics forum?
  12. Gotcha! Me being new to Paulding.com I find it more interesting the more I get on here learning about history of Paulding ( the good, bad and the ugly). There is a politics site here. Politics and religion drive people. I find myself getting tired of facebook and seeing same ole same ole everyday. Seeing the ads that I have talked about 5 mins earlier. I do not need facebook to control what I see. I would love to hear what you think the down fall is going to be for Paulding.com.
  13. cptlo looks like you did a lot of communicating here in the past. What has changed for you? Pm me if you want to chat more private.
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