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  1. You mean for keeping it "up" for as long as he has? ;) He is a machine. Or Viagra. :lol:
  2. If it is a prank I sure hope they charge the kid. need to set an example because that wasted the officers time and who knows how much concern from parents who's kids might be riding that bus.
  3. There was a TA this morning at the intersection of Due West and Dallas Acworth highway right in front of the new JC auto repair shop. GSP and PSO was on the scene as well as Clark I believe. I came through there right after dropping my son off at Adney. Best I could tell a lady in her big SUV more then likely tried onto Due West in front of a on coming car. There was major right side front end damage to the SUV so that would be consistent with a left turn in front of another car. Could not really tell what she hit when I rolled through.
  4. Basically they end up dying because while they are pinned any blood loss is contained. Soon as they unpin them they bleed out rapidly and there is no way to stop it because it is so massive. There was a story going around in the Army when I was on the M1 tanks about a guy who got pinned to a dock by the front end of a tank. He was alive and concious but they knew that soon as they moved the tank he would die so they got him a phone and let him call his wife. Never was able to confirm if the story was true or not.
  5. So has the law about living within so many feet of a school bus stop been put into effect? We have a guy living in my neighborhood. I have not been able to find out much info about what he did but I believe the issue was that he had sex relations with a girl under 18 but at least 16. He is in his mid 20s now at least that is what he looks like and lives with his parents. He is on the list for Paulding Co. The charge was Child Molestation but from what I have been able to find out he never did any jail time and has to register as a sex offender for 10 years. Since his name is on a public database I see no problem in giving his name, maybe someone will know more about what he did. This is all the GBI says. He was 17 at the time of the offense and never served jail time so I am trying to find out what he did.
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