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  1. Everybody is waiting!!! hey peeps!!!!!
  2. "He came in from the Georgia heat, to a kitchen full of women. He observed his plight and disappeared into the back of the house. When he returned, he was wearing a uniform. He then proceeded to shake his flashlight wildly. Oddly, it was not in his hands."
  3. Is this it? Is this all I get after being off so long???? A SOFT DRINK THIEF??????
  4. No sir, they do not.... I have popcorn.
  5. Every reply I think of is like walking through a potential mine field.
  6. I am ready for fall, as long as it doesn't get too cold!
  7. Hey ya'll!!! Bye ya'll!!! LOL.
  8. I am so glad they found him. Great job Deputies!!!
  9. So do 99% of the rest of us. I haven't seen many monkeys in Paulding, but I have seen alot of monkey business.
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