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Found 29 results

  1. Is Tonny S. Beavers soft on crime? How many times can/should a judge get it wrong? Does he threaten the innocent unjustly with questionable decisions while turning a blind eye to troubling cases? CBS46 investigates: Unfair bonds “I want them to remember that I tried to get them justice.” This man, who we’ll refer t as John Doe to protect his family’s privacy, says the justice system has let him down. “You don’t necessarily feel like you’re seeking justice,” he said. “You feel like you’re fighting against everyone and everybody.” John Doe has struggled with a Paulding County judge’s decision to set bail low for a man accused of raping and molesting members of Doe’s family. He was allowed to bail out, and when he did, police say he offended again. Read more: http://www.cbs46.com/story/38684129/cbs46-investigates-unfair-bonds#ixzz5M8CJ27EF
  2. I'm certain this applies to NCPs in general in Georgia. The #cultureofcorruption is strong in Georgia (Paulding County).
  3. Attorney Amy McDougal shares her experiences with a dysfunctional Fulton County Superior Court during a press conference with William Perry of Georgia Ethics Watchdogs. On Tonny Beavers' watch, is Paulding County Superior Court every bit as dysfunctional? #onbeaverswatch
  4. Georgia Ethics Watchdogs' William Perry is asking for court watchers in Fulton County. I believe Paulding County Superior Court is no less corrupt on Tonny Beavers' watch.
  5. The work of Dr Childress - Parental Alienation​ and Conscious Co-Parenting Institute​ saves lives. This is one of the reasons why we at Parental Alienation Dynamics continue our work. Far too often when profiteering legal professionals and mental health professionals fail children, #pathogenicparenting spins out of control. The result is lives are lost and families are devastated. Litigants will only do what judges allow. Are judges that fail families fit to sit the bench? Very sad for 2 mothers that made wrong choices. #OnBeaversWatch #TonnySBeavers #BeaversFail #unfitjudge? #cultureofcorruption? http://www.alienationischildabuse.org/pathogenic-parenting-blog/grandmother-sentenced-in-killing-of-dil-onbeaverswatch
  6. This was written by a person I've grown to know because we have shared similar experiences. This may as well be an open letter to Tonny Beavers. That there are many judges that do what he does is no excuse. The first quote I cannot confirm to be the case but I have little doubt it is. It is difficult to confirm because judges don't report campaign contributions, much less for uncontested campaigns. http://www.simplyparent.org/single-post/2017/12/12/Dear-Judge---Letter-from-a-Decimated-Parent
  7. Pubby asked why the country doesn't know about the corruption in family courts. This HuffPo article says just about everything I've said or more. I've been under 2 unjustified stalking protective orders because Tonny S. Beavers seemingly wanted to use them as a gag order from me posting on social media about what goes on in his courtroom and in my children's lives. This isn't new. It's been going on for decades. One of the main reasons why I chose to speak out is because I am one of the few parents who have lived a virtuous life, so squeaky clean that my closet is bare. There is nothing anyone can say about my life and the things I have done in my past. I've lived such a pure life that I was once told that I was boring. I will not be silent about #corruption. #cultureOFcorruption #cash4conflict #misery4money #thepowerofthehomedepot?
  8. A friend from California, Patrick Glynn does a fantastic job of explaining how courts intertwined with an alienating parent can cause orchestrated chaos in the lives of targeted parents and crush them emotionally and financially. I very nearly followed much of this path #OnBeaversWatch but once I saw "the light" I would not give anyone the satisfaction of breaking me. I had to disengage because much like being on a disabled airplane you have to help yourself before you can help anyone else. I cannot help my child if I cannot help myself. If you or someone you know is embroiled in a high conflict custody action, watch this video. Don't ever give them the satisfaction of breaking you. Even if you have to fight pro se for a while. I am working with several other parents now that are going through this in Paulding County. What are The Home Depot family values?
  9. Excellent article on how the superior court/family court culture of corruption damages children. This is a couple of years old but because of public apathy, it applies more today than it did in 2015.
  10. Because something is legal does that make it moral? Was segregation or slavery moral? The holocaust was legal, was it moral? Because you are a judge, does that make you moral?
  11. The holocaust was legal. Apartheid was legal. Slavery was legal. Chief Judge Tonny S. Beavers often says he is bound by case law and or statutes from one side of his mouth and then says he has broad discretion in courts of equity out of the other side of his mouth. Does that broad discretion include abuse of discretion? Does Chief Judge Tonny S. Beavers employ Sharp Practice to tip the scales in favor of one party over the other? If so, is erasing family moral- is erasing family ethical- is erasing family legal? What are Chief Judge Tonny S. Beavers' family values? #OnBeaversWatch? You are not alone- connect@alienationischildabuse.org
  12. I can only wonder what the school was like in the mid 70s when Paulding County's own Tonny Beavers graduated from this school. What was the make up of the faculty and staff then? The school ranked in the top ten worst law schools in the country not too long ago and only gained ABA accreditation around 2009. From doing research myself, I have yet to find where Beavers has made a minority hire in his career as a judge or practicing law. The ratio of qualified applicants seems to suggest he has had ample opportunity. His competence may be questionable to some but that doesn't make Tonny Beavers a racist does it? Does any of his rulings have a hint of racial insensitivity?
  13. This is an update from a case I tried to discuss earlier this year. So long story short, I told you so. Last February, Judge Beavers continued inaction left a young girl in the care of a seemingly emotionally abusive and at times negligent father. The mother had to endure a year or more of supervised visits and complete obstruction of any parenting time at all, while the 11 year old girl (9 when it started) was suffering emotional and psychological abuse. It came to light at the 11th hour that the child AND THE COURT were manipulated by her older brother, father and aunt for nearly 2 YEARS or more. The aunt was having an affair with the father. You heard right, the father was diddling his brother's wife. As I understand it, the aunt came forward and admitted the affair because she thought she would divorce her husband and marry her husband's brother. The aunt became disillusioned and started spilling the beans when her husband's brother admitted he had no intentions of marrying her. The amazing thing was that the Paulding County guardian ad litem recommended that the child remain in the toxic environment despite all that was disclosed in the final hearing. From my perspective, the GAL believed removing the girl now would be too traumatic so she recommended the child remain in an abusive environment and figure it out for herself when she reached the age of emancipation. Is this because the father had a favored local lawyer? One that has had cases before Judge Beavers for at least two decades? If all a child knows is abuse, will they ever truly know what normal is? Does a fish know that it lives in water? If all a child knows is abuse, how will that child ever come to the realization that she was stuck in a form of trauma bonding (absent the sexual abuse often associated with trauma bonding). Would she live a life of being in abusive relationships because all she knows is trauma bonding? Tossing the GAL's asinine recommendation and his own passive-aggressive inaction of nearly 2 years, Judge Beavers suddenly had a "light bulb go off" and he realized the young girl was in a toxic environment and had been manipulated by the older brother, father and aunt. Judge Beavers awarded custody to the mother. This after Judge Beavers denied the mother any visitation/parenting time at all and had her on supervised visitation for nearly a year, as if she was the problem. He finally realized that it was best for the girl to be removed sooner rather than later. For the girl, was it better late than never? Or will two years of inept judicial oversight and at times questionable ethics cause long lasting damage to her? What I had figured out in the first hearing I attended, Judge Beavers (allegedly) took 2 years to figure out? Judges have to follow the law but as Judge Beavers has selectively told me, he has broad discretion. Discretion that he may exercise at his convenience? Discretion he may have abused in ignoring precedent and settled law to dare parties to successfully navigate the pitfalls and inflated expense of appellate courts.
  14. Clearly Angelina Jolie has had "daddy issues" of her own being "estranged" (or alienated) from her own father, John Voigt, for much of her life. Not to mention the rumors of Jolie self medicating. Was John Voigt the problem? Or was the other parent a wacko? Often times when someone is diagnosed with OCD, Anxiety Disorder or even Bipolar Disorder, the true diagnosis is in reality far worse. Because of liability most psychologists and psychiatrists will not pull the trigger on a harsh diagnosis without a dead body to accompany the true diagnosis. I hate that Brad Pitt has to endure this but I'm glad for the publicity and attention he'll bring to this form of child abuse. Johnny Depp didn't have kids to be exploited but we have seen just how sick the family court culture of corruption can be during his case with Amber Heard. They're going to try to break him and make it look like he is the problem. He can't give them the satisfaction. He has to stand strong and know that he is not alone. I hope Jason Patric of Stand Up For Gus is reaching out to him. Is this the type of thing that happens all too often, #OnBeaversWatch? Why did a local resident die on Chief Judge #TonnyBeavers watch? http://paulding.com/forum/topic/318790-shooting-of-jenna-wall-by-her-mil-raises-questionsissues/?p=4011806
  15. Reflecting on some of the cases observed in which Chief Judge Tonny S. Beavers presided, an observer may be compelled to question his family values (and ethics, but that is for another topic). For example, after being informed that a parent had upwards of eight ( known overnight master bedroom guests (and however many unknown) in front of the children in less than two years, Tonny Beavers was of the opinion that parent had a right to find a significant other just as the children’s other parent had. Yes the parent has the right to find happiness, but is the parent going about it in a manner that is safe for the children? Is parading likely sexually intimate partners in front of children the values Tonny Beavers instilled in his own children? If not, then why is it acceptable behavior to him now? What are Tonny Beavers #familyvalues and what values did his own parents instill in him? Does the Judge believe such conduct by a parent is SAFE for children? EVERYONE talks about "family values" and the conversation ASSUMES that it is universal knowledge what "family values" encompasses. It IS NOT. Sit down and list out what YOUR parents used as your "family values" when you were growing up. I'll bet you can't make a comprehensive list. cont'd -Parental Alienation Dynamics on Facebook
  16. #OnBeaversWatch today is the case about the 9 yr old girl that has been kept from her mother on supervised visitation for over a year. Then Judge Beavers cut off all visitation between mother and child. Was he justified in doing so? The matter will be heard today, probably after 1:30 if it is not the last case of the day. Has Judge Beavers' employed passive-aggressive inaction allowing a mom's relationship with her 9 yr old daughter to be severed? See the mind of Beavers' in action and decide for yourself.
  17. These are some of the things you may observe while court watching... According to parent A's attorney, parent B's friend in question is one of 8 or more [overnight master bedroom] guests in a period of less than 2 years. If any given parent can have a protective order put in place based on false and unsubstantiated allegations, bordering on abuse of the process, should a parent also "shop" multiple prospective suitors in front of the children? Is that safe for children physically, psychologically and emotionally? Are some parents subjected to a protective orders at the whim of a judge, while other parents have to stand aside quietly, as a friend or acquaintance of their ex bathes their child? #‎OnBeaversWatch? #‎LeaveItToBeavers? Judge #‎TonnyBeavers?
  18. The first thing an abuser does is isolate a child from opposing opinions. Through inertia of Judge Beavers' court, are abusers enabled to isolate children? Is passive-aggressive inaction by Judge Beavers' complicit in children being abused? If so, is that the kind of judge that should be serving Paulding County? Should Judge Tonny Beavers be RECALLED? Dr. J Michael Bone will be speaking in Raleigh, NC at an "Parental-Grandparent Alienation Awareness Event" on April 27th. In the 1+min. clip below he explains tactics of blocking parenting time as a tactic of isolation.
  19. Despite being informed of a conflict of interest, Judge Beavers appointed a therapist for a child that was later confirmed to have a conflict by the Georgia Licensing Board. That same therapist adheres to a code of ethics that authorizes he break the law where he finds a conflict with the Bible. In doing so, does Chief Judge Tonny Beavers set a precedent for the judges he supervises? Should a Muslim therapist be appointed where that therapist is authorized to break the law when the law conflicts with the Quran?
  20. The Silver Bullet- When a parent makes false allegations of abuse to gain the upperhand in a divorce or custody dispute. This abuse of process turns a shield for the abused into a weapon for abusers. How frequently does this happen #OnBeaversWatch? Has Parisa Naderi Herrin engaged such a strategy?
  21. Time and again I have watched Chief Judge Tonny Beavers effectively remove a parent from a child's life through passive-aggressive inaction. Are Judge Beavers' orders deliberately ineffective to promote temporary compliance by a favored parent? Do they allow for passive escalation of conflicts between parents? Do attorneys familiar with the court win troubling rulings over other attorneys? Recently, a mother who has spent well over a year on 1 hour a week supervised visits with her now 16 yr old son and 9 yr old daughter had all visitation suspended. Was there sufficient cause or a lack of due process? This matter before the court has been allowed to languish for well over a year and will likely approach 2 years or more before it is settled, #OnBeaversWatch. The father’s attorney, Jana Evans, believed the matter being prolonged would work to the mother’s advantage. Can any competent person genuinely believe that 1 hour supervised visits with a parent for 15 months or more would promote bonding between parent and child? Judge Beavers doubled down on his refusal to enforce visitation with teenagers. Whether a teenager has been coerced into choosing a favored parent is of no consequence. Psychologically speaking, Judge Beavers’ stance may make him complicit in a form of abuse called adultification, where he abdicates judicial authority to favored parents and children are allowed to make choices (adult decisions) beyond their ability to properly process the information. If a child has to figure it out when they get older should they be given decision making authority when they are clearly too young? And without the guidance of an appropriately trained therapist? Who is to say the child will ever discern what was done? Is this in the "best interests of children" or for the expedience and convenience of the court? If the parents were still together the child would not have the choice to reject a parent. If the child were to break any other law the judge would detain that child at YDC and not look the other way, offering no consequences. Is the Court not charged with a fiduciary obligation to protect children and get to the bottom of any possible psychological and emotional abuse? Pathogenic parenting is a child protection issue NOT a child custody issue. Often times, trauma bonding causes the child to align themselves with an abuser, such as in cases of Stockholm Syndrome. Many traumatized children don’t know what normal is any more than a fish knows it lives in water. Abuse is normal if it is all you know. This brings us to the fate of a 9 yr old girl who lives with her father and older brother. The older brother, it is said, acts as his sister’s “protector”. Is this a case of parentification of a 16 yr old or pathological enmeshment that goes unaddressed #OnBeaversWatch? If so, it likely began well before the teenager was 16. If a young girl of 9 has been in the care of her dad and brother since she was 6 years or younger, would she be afraid to defy them? Could tactics such as the silent treatment or gaslighting be the cause of her trauma as she is mentally no match for an adult or an older teen sibling? Without the evaluation of a clinical forensic psychologist it would be difficult to say. The mother's attorney seems to believe there is an urgent need to stop the delays with the mother having unsupervised visitation. He laid out a very good argument for this along with 2 credible professional witnesses. Did the father's sister-in-law prove a credible enough testimony to thwart the testimony of the professionals? Whether that is the case or not, rather than award unsupervised visitation, Judge Beavers TERMINATED all visitation temporarily and ordered the child be "evaluated" for trauma. The child is clearly traumatized. It seems to me the source of the trauma could not be the mother, who has only had 1 hour supervised weekly visits for over a year? Some legal professionals in the courtroom seem to think she is the source. It is unclear what brings them to this conclusion but we'll look further into this later... I absolutely question the facility that will be evaluating the little girl. Over a parent’s objections, Judge Beavers once appointed a Christian counselor at the recommendation of Angela Woodall, Atty, and the Georgia Licensing Board informally informed that counselor he should have declined due to a conflict of interest. Was that conflict brought to Ms. Woodall and Judge Beavers attention at a prior hearing? Also, last year, I spoke of a case in which Judge Beaver's said "...As teenagers get older, parents are superfluous..." For those who are interested, we'll revisit my predictions of a parentectomy as a result of those proceedings, along with additional cases at a later time. PS - I do not know any of the parties. As a court watcher I observe proceedings. Further, Jana Evans is my former attorney that I requested withdraw from my case for what was in my opinion, ineffective counsel and a failure to perform adequate discovery. I had no idea she would be presenting a case on this day.
  22. When involved parents are removed from their children's lives #OnBeaversWatch, is that part of the problem or part of the solution? "... as teenagers get older, parents are superfluous." - Chief Judge Tonny S. Beavers, Paulding County Superior Court. "...and when those babies get past 13 years old, their maleficence is unleashed on the rest of us." - Lyn Vaughn http://www.cbs46.com/Clip/11933539/just-a-minute-do-you-know-what-hooliganism-is#ixzz3pONpmnoh
  23. Sitting in Judge #TonnySBeavers' court last Wednesday, a mother had just lost custody of her 14 year old. Through out the proceedings Judge Beavers seldom looked up [to see the father repeatedly mocking and grinning at the mother]. The Chief Judge seemed to be reading and thumbing through other paperwork involving not this case but other cases that he was trying to bring to a close that day. If this was in fact what he was doing, is Judge #TonnyBeavers delivering the message that the family's proceedings before him were not important enough to warrant his undivided attention? The parents had a long history in front of the judge so maybe the judge felt familiar enough with them. But the lack of attention before him is not so uncommon in other cases, so I don't think that was the reason for his appearing distracted. The short of it, the boys came to Georgia from Virginia to visit their father and the father had no intention of sending them back, having them both sign affidavits of election. It seemed to me the mother offered the boys much needed structure and discipline as one of the boys had behavioral problems and was in an IEP. The father offered fun and friendship lacking in structure. It didn't appear the father knew what an IEP was and he even admitted not knowing what the acronym stood for. After losing custody, the mother requested visitation, she asked for any long weekend each month during school because she lived in Virginia. She also asked for every other holiday and the father's former summer schedule. It was clear the father had no interest in continuing the youngest child's relationship with the mother. There was an 18 year old boy as well that had already chosen not to visit with the mother. In response to the mother's visitation request, the Judge concluded that the mother's relationship with the boys was broken but he didn't know how to fix it. Obviously, if the kid's education required an IEP, that might be indicative of a need for COMPETENT counseling. In what appeared to be confirmation bias, the judge reaffirmed some of the father's concerns. The judge told the mother that as teenagers get older, parents are superfluous with the exception of money. Is the judge saying teenagers don't need guidance? Just give them money and they can raise themselves from the age of 14? Not having seen my own daughter in 3 years #OnBeaversWatch, I am certain this mother may never see her boys again. Certainly not in the next few years. Below is an article of a study that I think fully disagrees with our seemingly out of touch Chief Judge. Is Judge #TonnySBeavers contributing to this problem? Is Chief Judge #TonnyBeavers correct when he says, "...as teenagers get older (14) parents are superfluous?" ******************************* "The study also showed that 2.2 percent of girls and 1 percent of boys living with a sole parent either killed themselves or ended up in the hospital after an attempted suicide by the age of 26, compared with 0.8 percent of girls and 0.3 percent of boys living with two parents. Because the study relied on records over 10 years, some of those cases could have overlapped with earlier hospitalizations for psychiatric problems. Because researchers looked only at those hospitalized, experts said many more children suffer emotional problems, though perhaps not so severe." ... "Between 15 and 20 percent of children are thought to have a diagnosable mental disorder and somewhere between 4 and 6 percent are thought to have serious mental disorders such as those tracked in this study," Belfer said. "But these statistics are weak when applied to specific populations." http://www.cbsnews.com/news/single-parent-kids-more-at-risk/
  24. Happy Fathers Day to all dads. Especially those fathers separated from their children on Judge Tonny Beavers' and Judge Ken Vinson's watch. #YouAreNotAlone Sitting at the Sheriff's office on Friday 6/19, waiting my turn to request a report to be filed, one father after the other arrived to request help or file a report. These are the fathers that refuse to be broken and removed from their children's lives. None of us were in arrears for child support. All of us claim no history of violent behaviors as is so often allowed to be falsely portrayed with allegations being substituted for evidence. Not knowing these fathers personally, they offered no reason to doubt their experiences were not similar to mine. My daughter lives less than 10 minutes away and I have not spent any time with her in 1,058 days, #OnBeaversWatch. In that time, I have had brief glimpses of her on 3 or 4 occasions. I have always been an involved dad. We never had a bad relationship and I coached her teams in PCPRD fastpitch for 5 years with 4 of those years served on the Paulding County Softball Advisory Committee with Sheriff Gary Gulledge. We are only acquaintances but never once in six years did he or Tommy Dooley say I shouldn't be around children. I coached girls from 6-16 years old during that time, so I'm pretty sure something would have been said if it was needed. My youngest daughter's closest adult sisters (19 and 23) by the same mom live with me, but they can't see their baby sister either. Having provided support and financial stability for their mother during her years of government assistance and financial despair, I am now nearly bankrupt because I make sure the child support is paid. So our adult children, that live with me, aren't influenced by money that I don't have. They seek and receive no reward or praise for doing the right thing other than knowing they have integrity. My daughters would have access to their baby sister and the rewards would be great if they would abandon their dignity yet they side with the truth. A close examination of our family dynamics would reveal so many more truths. But is Chief Judge #TonnySBeavers really interested in the "best interests of children"? Or the truth? What does it mean, #OnBeaversWatch, when my daughter is isolated from her family and the "approved" circle of her friends that know her father continues to shrink. The circle of friends a 16 year old is allowed to spend time with unsupervised by her mother continues to shrink? What does it mean when even the dog at my daughter's mom's house is on anti-anxiety medication? A child may be pressured to conceal her authentic self but a dog can be nothing but authentic. As Cesar Millan, "The Dog Whisperer", frequently points out, how a dog behaves is largely a reflection of the owner. As my daughter turns 16 years old in 2 weeks, I really don't have a dog in this fight anymore. Even if my daughter were to seek emancipation, I have no reason to doubt it would be stalled in Judge #Beavers' court until she turned 18. Assuming Judge Beavers didn't recuse himself when we revisited the reasons why he should, which may include improper ex parte communication. So why would I take personal risk in speaking out about perceived injustice on Judge #TonnyBeavers watch? Because children and their parents, moms and dads, should not be subjected to a broken family court system. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, the time to fix it is now. In a society that scolds fathers, especially black fathers, for not being involved in their children's lives, what role do judges play in the creation of absent fathers? Why do mothers and fathers have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in court just to be in their kids lives? Is family law a racket? Are Paulding County courts #pay2play or #cash4conflict? Is it the responsibility of the courts to make business for themselves when they are charged with protecting our children? Should lawyers be encouraged to earn money off the backs of children? It's easy to blame both parents but you only need one parent to get two lawyers paid. It is my opinion through observation and experience, often only one parent is required to follow the Court's orders #OnBeaversWatch, not both. Is that a byproduct of confirmation bias? Does that encourage abuse and ensure conflict if a custodial parent is bitter? Judge #TonnyBeavers and Judge #KenVinson are public figures so I don't think I'm breaking PCom rules. Their public service or failures of public service is and should be open to public scrutiny. Only a well-informed electorate can heal the body politic. Even if the only solution is to recall judges elected unopposed. I for one think Judge Bucci should be Chief Judge to lead us away from the practices of the old guard. Or he should at least be a part of the changing of the guard before he succumbs to the status quo. Respectfully, Gil Freeman
  25. I know this won't be a popular subject but El Zorro has brought up some interesting topics lately that I think this young lady addresses well. It makes me wonder if Judge Tonny Beavers is helping to perpetuate systemic racism by failing to address the concerns of a black father who alleges a white mother calls him and her children n*ggas for nearly two decades among other aggressive, emotional and psychologically harmful racial epithets and it is confirmed in affidavits by two of the adult children and both adult children are present at trial for cross examination. The mother also plead the 5th at trial and possibly perjured herself when applying for a TPO and in testimony under oath. If Judge Beavers were to be faced with one of the racially charged incidents of late, would he be fit to preside? As Chief Judge does his leadership or failures of leadership set the tone of others in his charge? Has time and society passed Judge Beavers by? Is it time for a change of the old guard? So does this young lady have a point about systemic racism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_hx30zOi9I
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