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Found 13 results

  1. Another person has died because he couldn't keep up with his child support payments and he couldn't keep a job because he kept going to jail. If it costs 29K annually to care for inmates, what does it mean when this guy died owing 18K? The states are bleeding money housing 50,000 "deadbeat" parents daily for what? So Corrections Corporation of America can make money (up to 450 million)? You have to remember that 29K is a conservative estimate because NY and NJ are going to cost more than 29k/yr to house inmates. (calculations are by Patrick Glynn)
  2. The problems in Newnan and August exist in Paulding, Cobb, Cherokee, Carrolton, Bartow and throughout Georgia. On Pro Advocate Radio today-
  3. Listen in and learn of what is going on in family courts in Georgia. A Paulding resident will be included in future discussions.
  4. If you find yourself having similar problems in Paulding Superior Court you should probably opt to seek a Federal injunction at the first appearance of impropriety. State courts are a waste of time and money. State appellate courts often only rubber stamp the lower courts. You would likely have better success getting your case in Federal Court before you go broke. Ms. Wolf's Civil Investigation Demand
  5. If you think this kind of thing is only happening in Augusta, you're not paying attention. WFXG Augusta Fox54's Nick Lulli continues to investigate the Augusta circuit family court system. Last June, Judge Craig's "misinterpretation" of Georgia law against a Columbia County mom was overturned by the state appeals court. An EXTREMELY rare occurrence considering the appellate courts usually rubber stamp the lower courts. Now there seems to be an issue of "ex parte communication"? Watch Tuesday at 10PM. http://www.wfxg.com/story/28164261/tuesday-at-10-judge-craigs-secret-plan
  6. This is how out of touch family court judges are. Just because you are appointed by a goobernor and you run unopposed from the time of your appointment, doesn't mean you are competent or an intelligent judge. Clearly this is all about money and has nothing to do with the best interests of a child that is now an adult. Please consider taking a few minutes to lodge complaints on Mr. Alexander's behalf. Honorable Kathleen M. McCarthy Presiding Judge (313) 224-5481 1813 CAYMC Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Room 1813 2 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226 Phone: 313-224-5481 Hours:
  7. I've heard it said here on PCom that if the appellate courts back the judge the judge must be right. We may have to rethink that. Congratulations to the boys, Free Jack and Thomas, their Mom Michelle, their Uncle Rob, Kimellen and Millard. It has been a long hard road for them and though their journey is far from over they have overcome a major hurdle. [Chief Judge] Baldwin has recused himself but not before trashing his legacy. The court reporter was deposed and surprise... surprise... she didn't fall on her sword. She threw the judge under the bus by admitting the judge guided her in
  8. Generally speaking children who are alienated from a parent are conformers. Which is to say they choose the path of least resistance. "Group opinion has the potential to affect an individuals information processing on a very profound level." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrNIuFrso8I
  9. Things are really heating up FAST! Listen tomorrow morning at 8AM! You can listen on the FM station in certain areas around Atlanta, 92.5 "The Bear". Our host James O’Brien is on air now, and he’s fantastic. Or use the app linked here: http://tunein.com/radio/The-Bear-925-s28504/ The show is about an hour, and if you want to listen live we’ll be on early in the morning, but it is hosted also on ProAdvocateRadio.com. At the Capitol a retired GAL explained misconduct in detail to her Senator. Lots of follow up work to do… If you are interested in being a courtroom observer, email
  10. So what has changed in the 5 years since this article was written? From my observations very little has changed. Judges, especially CHIEF JUDGES abuse discretion regularly. It's time that more of them step down. They are an embarrassment to the judiciary and to the state.
  11. Patterns of professional conduct and GALs being discussed now. Hidden influences? Altered transcripts? Evidence omitted? Do guardians make decisions based on what they know judges want? Is there any recourse if you realize you have a "bad" #childcustody expert or #GAL / #Guardian? Sounds like there is no way to get help... How are #GALs selected? What if attorneys can't agree on a selection? "The judges know which #guardians they like to work with." #legal http://tunein.com/station/?stationId=28504 92.5 FM
  12. Absolutely, Fulton County should be next. They clearly go after those that cannot hire a lawyer.
  13. There is more to come on Georgia's court reporters. Gwinnett County and other counties most of us are familiar with. It's fascinating that a judge would say these women should be held to a higher standard. Judges and lawyers read the transcripts so you mean to tell me they didn't know what the formatting should be? I'm calling BS. There should be more indictments for racketeering in Georgia Courts.
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