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  1. Thank you; I will call him.
  2. Guess not many people are out of work. I called a handyman ProSouth listed in the news paper, and number disconnected (supposedly in business since 16961)! I run into this all the time. Need small items this ole lady cannot reach or do. I.e., replace board on deck in several places; install handrail at cement steps; minor stuff! Does anyone know someone they can refer, please???? THANK YOU
  3. Does anyone know if it will be cancelled if it rains? And how can we find out? Thanks.
  4. is best place to purchase a turkey fryer?
  5. I MUST say, we all (4) loved it, and it was very scary. One of the best I have been to in years!
  6. This position is still open. Please pm me and I will check more often. Apologies. Been very busy. Also, you can message me at msdi46@att.net.
  7. Brooks Remodeling. Good or bad? I have a remodeling project I may give them. THANK YOU!
  8. Yes, Lady Raider. It is my son.
  9. No bathing but yes, pivoting him to places, and he is 130 pounds.
  10. Anyone? Part-Time (20 hours/week) Caregiver needed for 43 year-old man. CPR/First Aid required. Can get these online cheap ($20+). Caring for 43 year old disabled man. Pivoting to and from chair/bed; perform exercises; preparing breakfast or lunch sometimes. Located in Hiram/Nebo Road area. $12.50/hour.
  11. Happy New Year all. It is not a resolution; however, I would like to find some GOOD dance exercises in this area. Any suggestions?
  12. Your friend is a wise friend, and I see how you can miss him. I miss many family and friends that have gone on, and the only thing that helps me from being depressed and/or sad is to make myself quit thinking about them being gone and think instead of all the happy times we shared. Life is so hard, and we have to adjust somehow to all the hate and sadness and this is my way of survival! God bless and keep smiling when you hear his name or think about him.
  13. Everyone that knows Kathy, KNOWS how much she loves her family and foremost her two children, Jeffery and Heather. They need our love, prayers and attention. Kathy is now in God's arms and free from pain, and I know Kathy would want us to pass on the love her friends had for her to her children. I pray that God will bless her family in that way! Amen.
  14. FYI: If anyone would like to attend the services, please PM me. It is 4-1/2 hours to Monroeville, and I will be leaving between 6 and 6:30 a.m. Thursday
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