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  1. Wow! It was great this morning!
  2. Great food and the owner love people!!!
  3. Contaiment Haunted House.com Lithia Spring.
  4. Awesome first night supporting Bert but the amazing thing is no one from p.com gives a flip about supporting the community. Guess I'm wasting my time here.
  5. Containment Hiram Facebook. Web www.containmenthiram.com
  6. Saturday Night totals: 4 - Leakers 2 - Poopers
  7. Containment Hiram Horror is proud to support Bert's Big Adventure for a fun and scary fundraising event. October 20 thru October 22. Please help us show Bert his kids are very important to us and we are very proud to be a part of Bert's Mission and The Bert's Show's love for children. Please come out and help support The Bert Show as a United and caring County. Here is a chance for you to be a part of something for others and face your fears at the same time. You will not be disappointed ! Best Nightmares, Hilda
  8. We have a date! 7:30 tonight downtown Hiram. Dark thirty. Come be apart of the largest container haunted house in the USA ! And scariest !
  9. If you come downtown when it is dark you will find it. Unless you are to scared to look.
  10. It is in the "hole" beside the tracks ! 21 containers in a maze of horror and terror. Big time for everyone! You might make it out!
  11. Now! From dark till we close. Go to Hiram Containment Facebook for details!
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