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  1. Prayers for this wonderful lady, her family, and friends. I, too, watched my beautiful mother in pain and know when the pain went, and the wrinkles smoothed out from her pain, she was at peace with our God. My tears were for my loss; I thank God for the years we had on earth and the knowledge that I will see her and my Dad again. Praise God.
  2. Thank you. I go to several doctors near the Douglas Hospital, so that would be good. I will see about them. I don't expect to just call and get in right away, just want an appointment when possible. So, will call Dr. Ingram's office. Again, thanks. Someone else told me that after I called the first time, so I waited about a week and called back. I know I got the same person, because she "kinda had an attitude". (Not ugly, just curt.)
  3. Thanks, I may try them after Thanksgiving. Appreciate the info. That is what I thought, but I couldn't get an appointment. Yes, the partner, Dr, Jones, was recommended by a friend; I asked for either of them, but still nothing.
  4. Can anyone recommend a dermatologist in the Paulding/Douglas area? I had been to Paulding Dermatologist some years back, and called them for an appointment. However, I was told they were not taking any more patients. I wasn't expecting to see anyone right away, requesting anytime available, but was still told "no". I am 70 yrs old and have some places I feel need to be looked at, and cannot go all over Georgia. Any suggestions?
  5. I will pray for your granddaughter and your family. God bless you all and keep His loving arms around you.
  6. I didn't see the news earlier; what happened at WalMart? I caught something about shoplifting and chase. Does anyone know; if so, what was the name? Thanks...
  7. Indeed, it is a sign of the times. I, too, know several who were "laid off", with over 20 yrs. employment, with 2 weeks pay, and same insurance deal; they were not county employees; worked for a rather large company that cut back like crazy. I believe IF the CEO's, and other big titled folks would cut their salaries, give up co. vehicles, etc., many of the "regular" folks could keep their jobs. But, what do they really care? The layoffs, cutting back, etc., is nation wide. I do not understand a lot of this situation.
  8. Don was (and always will be) my brother-in-law, married to my sister, Peggy. No, he didn't look/act like he was in his late 7 0's; he was always "going" somewhere...every day. He was a great man, a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather, with a great sense of humor. It is hard to imagine our loss; but know he is in Heaven, walking the streets of gold. Thanks to all for your kind words.
  9. I was at Starbucks and also saw the police cars, etc., but couldn't see where they went...anyway, does anyone know what was going on???
  10. Anyone have updates on this accident. What make cars?
  11. So young....God bless him, his family, and his friends...
  12. I am sorry to hear of your loss, and pray God will put His loving arms around you and give you peace. I know how it is to lose your daddy; always remember the wonderful times you had together, special things he did to make others happy and safe, and know he is no longer in pain. My prayers are with you and all your dear family.
  13. Please pm me as to what happened to Scott?
  14. sorry to ask but can you pm me with what was wrong? thanks.
  15. ]Cleveland was one of the nicest, friendliest gentlemen I have ever known. He always had a smile and a hello for everyone. I pray all of his family and friends have peace knowing he has joined his Heavenly Father, brothers, sister-in-law and all that passed before him. May this dear man, Cleveland, rest in peace.
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