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  1. THANKS EVERYONE! You all are so wonderful to pray and support us! Please keep all of our department in your prayers daily. It is easy to forget they are out there every moment of everyday for all of us. It is easy to remember them in times like this but the everyday danger is real. Have a wonderful night. ( I hope i don't have to do this again anytime soon).
  2. Lets hope he has hands up and no weapon. In custody! OUR TEAM IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. no new update yet. The k-9 is laying at my feet sleeping. Guess he is mad he did not get to go! I turned the scanner down so he cant hear and he falls asleep!
  4. I did not know what it was! Glad you figured it out. I tried to go get easter stuff at CVS and could not get away from everyone talking about it. I guess keeping you all updated is just as good! Between CVS and my phone ringing I think everyone else knows more than me.
  5. I think your right! Our guys dont want to do that there are other options for this man. Keep praying for him! WELL, the hail just started over here! I hope they are covered.
  6. My husband just called. He went to get a new battery for the radio. Man is upset due to losing his job and wife leaving. He wont give up. Does not look too good. Keep this man in your prayers! Sometimes people think there is no hope. He needs our prayers for calmness and a piece of mind right now. Our guys will only shoot if fired on again. Walker is a very patient man with extensive knowledge on how to wait things out.
  7. no clear shot yet. wish our guys did not have to make that call. But our motto is whatever is needed to come home safe!
  8. Thanks for the positive thoughts it not easy to see him sprint out of bed with all his gear and one final kiss for me and the baby before flying off in a car with lights flashing! I guess you never get used to it! I know all of the guys are great and will protect each other!
  9. Hopfully things wil end soon. My husband worked all night and was called out for this. Maybe he will give up without much of a fight.
  10. Wonderful young lady! She will be greatly missed by her friends and family! Should have never happened, God is in control we are not!
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