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  1. After my Father passed away his wife gave me several things of his while I was there for the service (he lived in Seattle). She also recently let me know that she had put together a scrapbook of sorts that I will receive when she passes on. I really never knew my biological father, I had eight years with him before he passed away. I also have 2 half brothers that I keep in contact with. So I guess it just according to the person or people. Sometimes a Death in the family brings out the worst in some folks, which is so very sad. Then you have the complete opposite of that too. Good luck
  2. My thoughts and prayers are with this family. I worked for Herschel back in the 1980's he was a good and decent man and will be missed by his family and anyone else who knew him. God Bless you Herschel, and may you rest in peace.
  3. You have my deepest sympathy!!! What an amazing dog you had, so many people don't get that opportunity. I too have a wonderful friend and I know how much you must be hurting, your story brought me to tears.... God bless your family!! And Copper is running after a ball, in a place where he will never feel any pain again..........
  4. Prayers for this family & especially Stephanie. I know how hard it is to lose a parent. God Bless You!!
  5. Leslie, I hope this comes out right, sometimes I have trouble putting my feelings into words, especially when they are so personal and painful. But here goes. You have been through so much and had to endure pain that I cannot even begin to comprehend. And the time sure does go by so fast. And I too think of Shad & Tedo your Sweet Mother, I wish so much that they were both still here on this earth. However, I have faith and I do believe that you will see them again one day. Just keep on going down the same path that you've been following for the last several years and stay st
  6. Thank you "All" so much for your heartfelt reply's to my post. God Bless You All & God Bless America..... Thanks again so much for sharing a subject so close to my heart. Kim
  7. "This is a story worth reading". 5 years ago on September the 10th I lost my Father, he wasn't sick nothing like that, the Lord just took him very suddenly. Here is the post that I wrote not long after his death. On the anniversary of his departure I needed to share this with you again. He is missed so very much, by all of his family. Anyway for those of you that are interested here it is. Just wanted to post a Tribute to my Father Francisco Barrios, he was born on 5/9/1936 in Los Angele's, California. He passed away on 9/10/2003 in a VA Hospital in Seattle, Washington. My Fath
  8. What a tragic loss, Mrs. Jean Roberts was one terrific lady!!!! She always spoke anytime I seen her out and about over the years, she remembered me and I thought what a remarkable woman. She will never be forgotten, because of all the children that she helped in one way or another. A sweet smile a kind word she always had that in abundance when you went into the office. I went to Hiram Elementary in the 1960's and I will never forget her. I pray for this family. And may God Bless You all.
  9. Tommy was truly a beautiful person, he always had a smile & hug for me anytime I ran into him while I was out & about. I absolutely loved going by to see him from time to time, even if I just dropped in without calling, he always greeted me the same a big smile & hug too. He was just so much fun to spend time with!!!! I will miss you my friend... May God Bless his Family & be with them.
  10. Jeremey was an exceptional young man. Anytime he visited my home, I always enjoyed the conversation & his company. My heart goes out to his Family. He will be missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting him.
  11. I pray everyday for this case to be solved, I can't believe it's been five years. I remember driving from work when I heard about it on the radio, crying all the way home, I just knew they had the wrong name. Stay strong, lots of folk's love you & will never forget him. God bless you & your family Leslie. I love you guys, Kim
  12. That Cracked me up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am at work & laughing out loud, they probably think I'm looney...........
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  14. Was so sorry to hear that Jana Harris had passed away. May God Bless the Family
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