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  1. i dont drive a bus, but i'd much rather drive with a shimmy than a wobble. me
  2. ohhhh, i'm so sorry to hear this i have been following her story, and thankful to you for filling us in on her hard journey.
  3. i guess freebird has the answer... now to explain to hubby why i'm setting the puter up in thebathroom.
  4. i have a kitty that is pooping and peeing in the bathtub. ahould i call 911 on em?
  5. i hope today isn't too rough. know that we are thinking about you.
  6. i've been thinking about them a lot lately too. i know it's going to be a struggle for them, as it must be every day, but i just hope they all know we love them and are here for them if needed.
  7. rakled says "there are three sweetwater S/D" she's going to look in her section when she gets home from picking her kid up.
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