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  1. maxine

    Loud booms

    Re-enactments at Pickett's Mill Battle site. Last night and tonight. It's the cannon.
  2. NPHS Homecoming is tonight. The hours of HoCo have been changed to 7:30-10:30. There will be a prayer vigil at the school at 6:45 this evening at the school to pray for these two students. At this time, both are in ICU. They both need lots of prayers!
  3. Boy and a girl(cheerleader) were in a bad wreck. As of this morning... From what I've heard... The girl is still in ICU. The boy isnt hurt as bad. Not sure of any other details.
  4. My Sophomore year of high school ....i was in band and we were in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Awesome!!
  5. North Paulding 42 Villa Rica 0 North is Region Champs!!! Way to go boys!!!
  6. My husband is a mechanical engineer and says you may need something like Solid Works which is a 3-D solid modeling package. He uses it everyday to design all types of machinery.
  7. Am I missing something?? The link takes me to AJC articles from 3-4 years ago.
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