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  1. We loved meeting Miss Jessie at Martins for breakfast on Sunday’s before church and she loved Scotty’s market boiled peanuts! Still think of her each time I pass through 92 and 278.
  2. I have used Dwight Puckett and he is professional and reasonably priced as well. 404-388-7745
  3. Thankful for the questions ! Early morning meeting. You have my email and cell phone on my signature below if needed. Thankful for my Paulding County and p.com folks. Goodnight all
  4. Lady Raider, I am thankful you posted this. Since you are a citizen and taxpayer of Paulding County, the effect of BOE decisions still affect you and your family. Property taxes, local sales tax (splost), career readiness or further education of our students affect everyone in our community. If these young people leave the school system ill equipped to be productive citizens, whether it be through work, vocational school, job training, or higher education we are all ultimately affected. They often find themselves without life skills or motivation to work. Then, they may make negativ
  5. Thank you for reaching out an being an involved parent/grandparent. Most of p.commers are as this thread shows from the above posts. Unfortunately, for our public schools you guys are in the minority and that is the big struggle. We p.commers may not always agree on here but seems like we care about ALL our county's kids and not just our own.
  6. I enjoy serving with all fellow board members including Theresa. I have positive to say about each of them. But, I also remember how I was treated when I signed my name and was willing to serve against an incumbent years ago. I would not wish that on anyone or their family. I only had ONE person contact me to ask questions directly and give me an opportunity to answer. It was very disappointing, therefore I have become a more informed voter and ask questions myself and do research to give everyone a fair opportunity. I am meeting/talking to the other citizens willing to serve in ou
  7. All positions are AT LARGE as far as voting goes. The only determination is post/district lines are for the candidate's residence. We qualify based on where we live BUT we are VOTED on by the entire county. It is very confusing compared to other positions so thank you for asking! That is why I do not put a post/district on my sign. My belief is..... if you vote for me and I pledge to represent the district "without fear or favor" I should listen and share your concerns with the superintendent no matter if you reside in my post. I have to put my personal thoughts aside and share yours
  8. You can text, call, or email me too! Curt was just helping me out ! I have been trying to follow up on some ongoing concerns and spending most of the day at various schools to personally observe. I volunteer everyday and have NO day off! No regrets either though ;-)
  9. Hoping to see a debate last full week in April ! Thank you! I have not forgotten about your signs!!! I will call tomorrow or Wednesday to further our discussion on your other concerns.
  10. Thank you to those who have already reviewed the information on the school district website and provided your input so that I can represent the citizens of our county. This outsourcing issue is on the school board meeting agenda for tomorrow evening, Tuesday, April 21st, 2015. If you have not yet reviewed the information, please do and share your input regarding this important personnel and budget decision. https://intranet.paulding.k12.ga.us/custodial/index.php There is a link to email your feedback to the district on the link. My email is kimberlycobb@bellsouth.net for
  11. Lowrider, There are 4 "built-in" days in the school calendar each year for emergency purposes. After 4 days, have to get creative! You are very welcome!
  12. Just got word that school will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday the 25th, due to weather predictions.
  13. It was not bad at my house until 7:00 but its much worse now. Never know what the weather will do ! It is all temperature.
  14. Just got info due to weather school closed today 12 month employees report https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=927916607241517&id=181210968578755
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