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  1. Insidious. nightmare on Elm Street. And the Exorcist. I will avoid all Friday the 13th and Halloween only because I find them boring and repeating the same thing every year in different location and with different people.
  2. Peaches, nobody is arguing that there is a difference between communist Russia and socialism or that there are more socialistic countries out there today than communist. One of the points is that there is no socialistic model in place that works well in any country. Another point is that we are being pushed into giving up our rights and freedom to chose. When a government is taking control of its citizen's choices, it becomes a totalitarian state. History proves it doesn't work well at all. I have posted about living under communism so you can get an idea what it's like when your governme
  3. No, you just said I have commies under my bed and next will tell me to go check my closet with a flashlight and see it's all a bad dream. Get over yourself, I'm not suffering in the bit. I'm actually living quite a happy and productive life.
  4. Thank you and that's ok, Guard Dad. I've been called a commie by people before just for being Russian. It's kind of like what my German friends have to deal with here being called Nazi. As you said in the other thread about hate and bigotry begetting only the same so I don't hold it against him or people like him and pray they live a long and prosperous life in our capitalist America.
  5. And that is just another example of how quick left-wingers are to try and discredit anyone not agreeing with them. Gosh, why does that sound so familiar?! LOL you still owe me dinner and love ya too. At least I know what's under my bed and where my bed actually is. You sleep in some la-la-land.
  6. You're as mature as I remember. But hey, you keep buying the glorious stories fed to you of socialistic utopia while I'll keep my rights and freedom.
  7. I distinctly remember how little a democratic party and the President did to stop the violence and hate during all those riots few years ago, with Baltimore being one of the worst ones.
  8. Lenin was a Marxist before the Revolution. The direction he took surprised everyone, including himself. Stalin was a despot and rumored to have poisoned Lenin for power. Socialism was the premise of communism. Now, I'll tell you why those of us who lived through it, had parents and grandparents live through it are skeptical of this Democratic Socialism that the leftist are so fund of. It doesn't mean that socialism will turn into communism but the fear is that it will be another state of despotism with a new label attached to it. We were painted a very pretty picture of happy workers
  9. I think it has to do with 92 widening. I remember hearing something at the commissioner meetings last year about it and someone brought it up in conversation yesterday. Dabbs Bridge project is on the gov website but of course there's nothing about it being a connector to anything. It would make sense, although for some reason I was thinking the connector would happen not towards 41 but to Douglasville side.
  10. Does anyone know where I can find information on the project of making a connector to I20? I tried looking it up on paulding gov and dot websites but haven't seen anything. I remember there was talk about it last year.
  11. I don't think having free education is a sure indication of having a better workforce. In my opinion, it depends on the quality of education, starting at K-12 level and then continuing that quality to the college and University levels. I don't know the statistics on this one and speak from my personal experience here. I was raised in the country where at the time the education was free, I've gone to high school and college in United States, raised my kids through US schools and I believe I had a much better education growing up due to curriculum. Maybe if schools were less concerned wit
  12. It's interesting how you always change your tune to what suits you and your agenda at the moment, Whitey. I remember when the 3 anti-airport commissioners were elected how you were all proudly beating your chest with "the citizens have spoken!" even though it was also just a small turn out of voters. I guess it's not a big deal if only 4 or 6% of registered voters in the county elect government officials on behalf of the entire 150000 residents as long as it fits in with your ideals and it's somebody you support. Isn't it time to start healing the county and try to make the best of what'
  13. Because it's so much easier to yell "racists!" than actually addressing the real issues and your point is to actually find a solution. Who wants that when the country can be more divisive, the media can get higher ratings and politicians can build their careers by fanning the wild fires rather than doing what's right.
  14. The more you speak, the more your true colors are showing. Not only have you taken upon yourself to speak for ALL the black fathers, but you don't even recognize that your own "big mouth" is the reason for hostility towards you. It has nothing to do with your skin color, but the color of your character. Your disdain towards people and the sense of entitlement is what makes others wary of you, just as if you were 5 foot nothing and white. It's quite hypocritical of you to keep posting all over the FB about narcissism and mental/emotional abuse, considering that constantly opening your "big
  15. This showing me one case which has been already through the proper investigation. Are you basing your opinion that all of the shootings, including the recent ones which have not been investigated yet, indicate that law enforcement is using an excessive force towards african-americans on this? Show me a ratio of cases across the nation of officers being cleared of these charges and those who were found guilty. Then we can talk if law enforcement is taking the law literally into their hands.
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