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  1. It sounds like an opportunity for someone to run a 'consignment' booth for those who have something to sell but can't make it.

    If somebody wanted to split a spot and sell my stuff for me, I'd cover the booth fee. I could help set up and break down, too.

  2. Dang, my niece is getting Married May 22nd. Well, I am excited to be at her wedding, but not that I'm gonna miss this.


    Hey Union Mom, you want to put some of my stuff in your booth???? Let me know.

    Now we have a problem ... I just found out my little one has a dance recital that day and I was hoping you'd put some of my stuff in your booth. :lol:

  3. I was told that they let us vote but they already knew what calander they were going with. I guess we have to feel like we have some say even though we really don't.Some teachers said that we were now considered year round starting so early in aug. and having lots of breaks. They also said that there are some regulations that the school system does not have to follow if we are year round. I have no idea if that is a good or a bad thing. Anyone know what these regulations that we won't have to follow are?

    Who told you that? Somebody who would honestly and truly know, first hand? Or somebody who heard it from somebody?

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