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  1. Yes, she was. But she was always that way from the time I knew her. Never slowed her down any. I remember in high school she was just one of those people that it felt good to be around.
  2. Yes, I think so. It's not the one on Brownsville road.
  3. Tell all the ladies from my class I said "Hey" And Cherry was a great lady. The last time I talked to her she reminded me of a song that we collaborated on in High School. I wrote the words and she put it to music. She said she still had the original put away. She will be sorely missed by a great many. But, I plan to see her again on the other side!
  4. Mrs. Cherry Eugenia Ingram Barker Date: March 8th, 1956 - October 10th, 2006 Obituary: Mrs. Cherry Eugenia Ingram Barker, age 50, of Ben Hill Road, Douglasville, Georgia passed away Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at Wellstar Douglas Hospital. She was born March 8, 1956 in Savannah, Georgia the daughter of William Robert Ingram and Carolyn Summers Creel. She married William Jeff Barker on December 31, 1977 in Lithia Springs. She was a devoted member of Poplar Springs Baptist Church where she served as the church pianist for over 27 years. She was a beautiful singer and enjoyed singi
  5. Another first cousin passes. This is the third one in as many weeks. I'm spending a lot more time in Paulding County than I had planned. But Roy was a good man, father, and friend. A great guy to be around. See you with the others on the far side, Cuz! PH
  6. STELLA JEAN (BENNETT) MITCHELL, 66, of Dallas died Friday. Funeral, 3:30 p.m. Sunday, Benson Funeral Home. Rest in peace, dear cousin. I'll see you again in heaven some day!
  7. Is this the Larry Holden that married Carla Pope, and until recently lived in Alabama?
  8. Very tragic. I knew Hershella because she and my sister graduated from Hiram together, and I knew the family well from being raised in the same church and community. My uncle managed her dad's chicken houses. Rest in Peace dear lady.
  9. I'm sorry to hear the news of her passing. Prayers to you and the family.
  10. I think it's because your avatar is too hard on the eyes.
  11. Brigadier General Robert L. Scott, Jr., world renowned World War II "ace" pilot and author of the 1943 book "God Is My Co-Pilot," has gone to see his co-pilot. The spirited adventurer who flew fighter missions with the "Flying Tigers" in China, passed away this morning at the age of 97. Known to his friends and family as "Scotty," the retired general lived his final two decades as the champion and cheerleader of the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins. His legacy is portrayed at the Museum in a large exhibit featuring his photos, books, personal items, and memorabilia. He worked tirelessly to
  12. Franklin Cover, who became a familiar face as George and Louise Jefferson’s white neighbor in the long-running TV sitcom “The Jeffersons,� has died, his publicist said Thursday. He was 77. Cover died of pneumonia Sunday at the Lillian Booth Actor’s Fund of America home in Englewood, N.J., said publicist Dale Olson. He had been living at the home since December 2005 while recuperating from a heart condition. … Cover was best known for his role as Tom Willis, who was in an interracial marriage with a black woman, in “The Jeffersons.� … He is survived by h
  13. Took me a while to figure out where I had heard the name Philys Ritch. She was my third grade teacher back in Hiram. Prayers for the family have been said.
  14. Was this THE Sara Ragdsale, that taught at the old Hiram High School back in the 60's? If so, she was well on up there in age. That Sara Ragsdale was elderly then.... In any case, my condolences for Mike and the family. Prayers are being said for them right now.
  15. As someone today said, chances are good that the children are right now fighting over the assets....
  16. Yes, and I agree with you. I make the horrible mistake of actually saying something that wasn't a fawning message and got castigated for it. Gee, you'd think I'd have denounced Okrah or something!
  17. Anyone know her birthdate? We could use ANOTHER holiday between Feb and May.
  18. You don't remember the big discussion we had here on the board about the King center and how the family was just in it for the money. Even the AJC printed articles about it. It was the talk of the town in Atlanta, I surprised at you for not knowing this, Soapy. Just because she died doesn't automatically grant her sainthood. She was not the gracious, genteel southern belle some would like to believe. She was aforded much more honor and status than she was due. I'm sorry for the family and their loss, but this is no reason to lose focus.
  19. And she didn't take a dollar of all that money with her.....
  20. I was shocked when I saw the title of this post. Ben Jones is a weatherman on our local tv station. Ben Jones Bio
  21. My bid is $1. No, wait. Different game show. I say 1 December at 0915 hours.
  22. He was quite the character, alright. My two favorites with ETB was Getting and Education, and Fighting Malcolm. Ernest T. sings "Old Aunt Moriah"
  23. Not to be disrespectiful, but does anyone remeber what type of plane it was?
  24. I'm saddened to hear this. I know Lamar and Diane, and went to school with Terry. She'll be greatly missed.
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