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  1. This just breaks my heart!! I pray other kids can learn from this tragedy My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends...just so sad!!
  2. Just drove by Wal-Mart and there was 2 ambulances, 2 cop cars and a fire truck...hope everyone is ok???
  3. No matter what they decide, there will be people that will complain about it. lol LOL
  4. Oh...Thanks!! I have a LOT of family that lives in that area, I really hope everyone is ok!!
  5. My Mom said the road is closed??? She lives off of Old Cartersville...my hubby also said there was something going on at the bottom of the hill just passed Old Cartersville Rd.
  6. Yeah the BOE will really have to think this one out,no snow days and Christmas vacation...wondering what they'll do??
  7. Wondering if they will be closing any schools tomorrow????
  8. The road was closed, so it had to be bad. Praying for the families of the ones involved!!
  9. My husband went to school with Patrick. We are so sorry for your loss!! Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. With Heart Felt Sympathy, Jessie & Hannah Lawrence
  10. My thoughts & prayers are with the family...I couldn't imagine how they feel!!! I pray that God will shine his rainbow of GRACE over them!! I'm so sorry they are going through this!!
  11. I am so sorry for your loss!! I pray God pours ALL his GRACE on your family at this difficult time and the days to come. He will never leave nor forsake you!! Just lean on Him and He will supply ALL your needs. Just remember Phil. 4:13. May God Bless, Angle025
  12. So sorry for your loss All family & friends are in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!
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