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  1. I just got home late last night, and just saw this. I know you have great faith, You are not walking alone in your sorrow. God is with you, your family, and many friends to lift you up.
  2. I am so sorry Nemie, I just saw this, Prayers and condolences for you and family.
  3. I hear you, I had chills when I first heard about it, You always know there is a good possibility someone just died a mile or 2 up the rd. It really is a scarey road! Now that it is getting dark earlier we have the added stress of watching for deer, on top of watching for cars coming at you in the wrong lane doing 70 & 80 miles an hr.
  4. Thanks, I have not used the side roads that much, and I don't want to end up in Alabama!
  5. 34 is very young to give up like that. I hope he pulls through and gets the help he needs.
  6. I also have a little snoopy named chi, that nobody understands, but she loves and trust me and nobody else, I also understand the feelings you had reading the post, They are the tiniest of dogs, smaller than even my cats, Their bravado is all they have for protection, As many have said they could easily be squashed like an insect, Believe me, they now this, Yes they have trust issues, but when you are that tiny, By the time you realize you have made a mistake trusting someone, It is a little late you can so easily be damaged or killed.
  7. I think this is just up the street from me. Anymore details?
  8. I think there was something on the 12:00 news that a fire had burned through some lines somewhere.
  9. I saw them, and was very pleased, I think we should thank them for making us safer up here, Of course when I saw some of the places they had people pulled over I was afraid for their Safety! THANKS PAULDING COUNTY SHERRIF DEPARTMENT!!!
  10. I am so sorry, I started another thread, starting with an apology, I realized after I calmed down that it was innapropriate to have vented my frustration in the accident thread. Again all I can say is that it was wrong to have done so, and I am very sorry. I am very sorry for your loss and the families of the victims.
  11. Before you all jump on Froggie here. Let me tell you my frustration level over this Hwy is up there. There have been times I almost did what he has mentioned because someone passing me was approaching a rise and I know they did not have time if someone where to come over it, Usually though I slow way down to make sure they have more distance and time, but often I think since they made it alright they will just do it again and maybe kill someone. I really think it is time to get together and talk to Mr. Shearin about this. When the highschool is comlpetely open we are going to add hundreds of children driving to school on this hwy. Will it take these babies dying to get something done up here. We can have a sheriffs deputy up here every day with radar giving tickets. We can create a 1000 dollar fine for illegal passing. We can put up an electronic sign showing your speed. We can place some stop signs, and traffic lights. We can save some lives, Maybe your mother, father, wife, husband, or child. The squeeky wheel gets the oil, It may be time for us to do something, instead of living our lives in fear everyday. Get together, write a letter, Give permission to use your land for signs, put out your own sign. Lets do something, instead of crying on here about all the folks dying! Let's make North hwy 61 the last road in the county you would consider speeding on! Let's save some lives folks!
  12. This does not surprise me. Maybe we could have our own large signs made up. To be placed at the worse places. Maybe ones where you can change the numbers of fatalities on the sign in that zone. Just like in Florida where they put the big crosses by the rd. Or when Dot puts out signs about how many workers have been killed! Just an idea.
  13. It is not that hard, A handful of folks agree they want to do it. If committed enough we can all chip in a little cash and time to put out flyers and talk to friends and neighbors. The Burnt Hickory Mrthodist churc has been known to allow meetings, especially should a member request it for the sake of the community. A meeting to discuss what we want to accomplish, select people willing and articulate enough to attend the BOC meeting for us. The first step is to get enough concerned people active. Someone can draw up a petition to be signed at the meeting.
  14. If anyone wants to get together and do anything pro active about this situation, you can count on me to help in anyway possible. Perhaps organizing a meeting of concerned people in our area is our first step!
  15. I am so glad none of your peolpe were involved in this, They could have easily been victims to this carelessness. as all of us who use the hwy up here. Frank called me to ask if i knew anything about it, and of course to make sure I was home safe. I guess people that don't live up here will ever really understand the emotional stress we go through up here about friends and loved ones when we hear this. It is because the sad reality is, we feel like it may eventually be us or our loved ones. You can not understand it until you live through the hundreds of near misses we live with everyday. My son starts back to school in Powdersprings next week, We will be driving it every day. It is so bad up here that those odds are not good. And like another poster said I think about it all the time, And have decided my son and I have a better chance of making it if I take the ditch!
  16. As I am reading this thread I am aware of many who are posting that live up here too. If you notice an angry tone to our posting please forgive us. These accidents strike fear in our hearts, this is not a crowded hwy like 92 or 278, or even the southern end of 61. We see this and are involved in fighting for our lives and that of our families each time we get on this hwy. Friday I am coming through the pass were the 2 young men lost there lives. I hear a roar just as I come even with the 2 crosses. A large truck has passed 3 cars behind me and has to pull in right on my ass to keep from hitting oncoming traffic. Of course at the next pass you know what he did. Perhaps we should get together and purchase large white crosses to mark all the fatalities out here. There would be quite a few crowded in the same places. I don't know what needs to be done to keep innocent people from being killed up here by impatient people in a hurry, Putting others at risk. I am so sorry if this hurts the family of any victims. My heart and prayers certainly go out to them. But there is a clear cause to theses fatal accidents up here. Time to call a spade a spade. I do not know if we can get this entire stretch to be changed to a no passing zone, I am sorry about this rant, but I am so tired of these senseless fatalities up here. And I am genuinely alert and frightened when I use the hwy.!
  17. Should have worded that better, I think that he thinks this is the thread about the fatality yesterday.
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